Val Profile

Valerie King. Yes, that’s me. I have always possessed a very vivid imagination and a mind full of stories waiting to be told. As life moves forward, my pen finally hit paper and incandescent sagas are being written. My addiction to words have transformed themselves into the Fatum Book Saga, Unseen Wings Trilogy, Absent Yet Present, and a slew of other stories. May you find a fable of deceit or perhaps a love story to fill your heart. Welcome to my world…

I live with my hot husband and my three amazing children in Keller, TX.

Ten things you MUST know about me!

1) My electric tea kettle and Anthropologie mug are my prized possessions. If I didn’t have them, my dream of writing would have never, ever come true. Totally serious!

2) I have a strange obsession with Spotify and Pandora. Music is a very intimate part of my life.

3) Made the national and international news in early 2009 due to a crazy idea. If you ever want to know WHAT that crazy idea was, ask me. I just might tell you.

4) Finally gave in and got her first ink at the age of 36. The crowds are right when they say after the first tattoo, an obsession follows. I’ve been back in the chair twice since.

5) Hardly ever watches TV. Yawn…but when I do, it’s usually re-runs of Seinfeld, Friends, The Big Bang Theory or Andy Griffith.

6) Longs to move to the beach, open a bookstore, and live more simply. Someday, yes…it will happen.

7) Believes in experiences over things. The awesome path this has paved for me is truly a blessing. Not only for me, but for my children as well.

8) Books are my best friend. If you ever accompany me to a bookstore, intend to stay the better part of the day. There is no such thing as an ‘hour’ amongst books. Not in my world anyway!

9) Harry Potter kicks ass.

10) Writes novels to stay sane. The absolute, and undeniable truth.