The Bed of an Author

This is what an author’s bed looks like. Clean laundry, unfolded. When I do daily tasks (such as laundry), I often find myself daydreaming and/or creating. My mind is always swirling. Yes, I do live in a fairytale all the time. It’s awesome. 😉

There is nothing wrong with that, yet I step away before finishing 99.9% of the time to write something down or to plop myself in front of the computer to write a few sentences…which turn into paragraphs…or perhaps pages.

Menial tasks of an author are never finished. I have too many stories to tell. If I continue folding the socks or hanging up my husband’s shirts I’ll lose the idea. Laundry can wait. A brilliant idea cannot.

This laundry has been sitting here a minimum of 8 hours today. I just completed 3 pages for my second book. And, I had the idea of creating this blog post. I’ll get to the laundry…in an hour or two…or three.


2 thoughts on “The Bed of an Author”

  1. OK, you know I have to agree with this thought 100%. I’ve often considered that I need to carry around a dictaphone recorder like was used at the law firms I once worked at just so that I could record my ideas for my creations as well. You’re a little more directed than am I, as I have that internal guilt that I can’t leave things undone… so I may never have the time to start them again…. you’ve got me thinking, however, what IS more important… hmmm.. quite the conundrum.

    1. April, my thought? Life is too short. Laundry can wait. Dreams, thoughts and even a game of Mario Cart with our children cannot. An opportunity presents us a fragment in time to create a memory, to construct an idea or to feast upon a dream.
      Live life out loud. As long as you don’t allow disturbances to affect your daily interaction with friends and family on a repetitive basis, then go for it!
      I like you, don’t like to leave things undone. But, when writing a book(s) you have to let go sometimes. As long as my kids have a clean pair of underwear to put on, it doesn’t matter if it’s in a drawer or in a laundry basket crumpled up with clean clothes that have been sitting on the couch for three days. Just remind yourself of that. 🙂

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