The Desires of an Author

The desires of an author…I think they are different for each of us. My desire? To share my stories. I feel guilty keeping them to myself. If they are as great on paper as they are in my mind, then I know you deserve to hear them.

Writing to an author is like gasoline to a car. A car needs gas to get you places. I need to write to take me places. To pull me away from reality every now and then. I want to step into my characters world as often as I can. When I don’t have time to write…I feel lost.

Very few authors say they write for money. Making a living at writing would be fabulous, please don’t get me wrong. I would love to be a best-selling author with a fluffy bank account, being able to pull my husband out of the corporate world and travel the globe with my children showing them the many cultures that live on this great planet. More importantly, I would relish the opportunity to meet those who love stepping into my 50,000+ word worlds. Fans are a very important piece of why I do this. That is one part of my life I will never ever take for granted.

But, I have to be realistic too. It’s a tough business. It’s hard to be “noticed”, rejection is a part of an author’s job title, you are constantly told you aren’t good enough and recognition rarely happens overnight. But those of us who stick with it will often find satisfaction in the writing world eventually. In many different forms.

If you are an author, why do you write? If you are an artist, why do you create?

Passion paves roads. I have many passions. Writing is certainly one of them. When you are passionate about what you do, it’s amazing what you’ll find at the end of your rainbow.


8 thoughts on “The Desires of an Author”

  1. Good post. I live in my head. I see something and it sends me off in a daydream. I write to help organise those thoughts. Getting them out helps stop them going round and round in there.

    I need to write. I feel at my best when I’m creating a world and letting the characters wander and interact.

  2. Well said, Pete! I live in my head too. 24/7. It’s amazing the stories you can find locked inside, isn’t it? When they finally hit paper, they become real.

    I love bringing it all to life. Thanks for commenting my friend! 🙂

      1. So glad to hear that! Yes, the book will be released worldwide as a paperback book and an e-book. Will be available through Amazon.com, iTunes, BarnesandNoble.com and various others.
        Book 2 of the Fatum Saga, The Power of Suggestion, is underway as well. I hope to have it out by this fall. 🙂

  3. To me, writing is part compulsion, part great delight. I often wonder how people who don’t write manage to contain all their ideas and thoughts. If I didn’t write I’d probably explode – or at least become a very crabby person.

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