The Belongings of an Author

There are so many things that contribute to my writings as an author. And, it’s not just the creative thoughts whirling from my mind ninety miles an hour 24/7.

How many of you can relate to these examples? Whether you are a writer, musician, artist or anything in between…what helps to get your creative juices flowing? Share with me! It’s all about learning from one another.

1) Snacks

I always have to munch on something while writing. Yes, I do choose healthy things too…like carrots, cottage cheese with pears and celery sticks with pimento. I decided not to share a pic of my highly unorganized fridge today though. 🙂

2) Pandora

Pandora…brilliant. The artist I find myself listening to the most is Jason Reeves. He has played many a song for me while writing The Gift of Fate.  His album “The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache – And Other Frightening Tales” is incredible. Deserves a listen! I also love listening to The Beatles and Adele.

3) Books

One must read to write…This is only a very small amount of books that I currently own.

4) Lists

What does it take to be successful at achieving your dreams? All of the above…plus so much more. Never ever take no for an answer. Be you…be great.


4 thoughts on “The Belongings of an Author”

  1. I have a hard time writing to music. I always get distracted and lose my train of thought. But for the longest book I wrote it was Oolong Tea. Drank it every time I wrote. Worked great, having a little routine, helped me get right to writing instead of dilly-dallying and second guessing, and a little bit of caffeine to get the neurons firing didn’t hurt either. 🙂

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