Why I Dislike Valentine’s Day…and Chalk

I don’t need Valentine’s Day to express to others that I appreciate them. I try to do it everyday. I prefer to celebrate Happy Heart’s Day the other 364 days a year.

I gave my husband my heart 15 years ago. He knows that I adore him, think he’s total h*o*t*n*e*s*s, love him more than life itself and appreciate the sacrifices he makes for our family every single day.

I’m pointing at each of you. For all of my sweet followers out there, you rock my world. Totally. It means the world to me that you enjoy my rambling. I love to ramble about stuff that means nothing. Like how I dodged a squirrel yesterday. When I looked in the rearview mirror, I swear he threw me the peace sign. Why do you think squirrels have the need to cross the road so often? What’s wrong with the OTHER side of the street?……..

This girl loves chocolate. Yes, this includes the sweet, delicious nougat Valentine candy in a box. Yet, I stand around with the other 364 days a year non-Valentine shoppers on February 15th when the heavenly 50% off signs are dually noted. I have no issues eating heart shaped candy in March.

I dislike candy hearts with their silly sayings.”Kiss Me” – Not with that nasty candy heart in your mouth! “Be Mine” – I already am, you dork.

If I wanted to eat chalk, I would grab a handful of Tums or a stick of chalk from my youngest son’s pail in the garage. I did ponder the thought though…do you think candy hearts cure heartburn?! Yeah, you’re thinkin’ about it now aren’t you?!

I will end with Happy Un-Valentine’s Day to all of you! Because I wish nothing but love, joy and happiness for you 365. Always.

Hugs ~


3 thoughts on “Why I Dislike Valentine’s Day…and Chalk”

  1. BWa ha ha ha ha ha… I’m rolling girl… ROLLING! But don’t hold it against me, I do like the purple conversation hearts but will pass on the chocolates. I’m the type that would have to take my Ginsu-chef knife (as seen on TV… you know, the one that can cut through a brick, an aluminum can, stop a bullet, ward off evil and then slice an over-ripe tomato with ease… yeah… those!) and delicately cut each in half to discern which ones would even be remotely palatable.

    I distinctly remember one year my mother gave my sister and I each a Russell Stover valentines chocolate box. I ate mine over the trash can. I would bite half… chew and if it were acceptable continue with consumption. Otherwise, yep — you guessed it — spat directly in the trash. Then, assumingly I suppose I thought I was being nice to then offer my sister my box of bitten choclate halves.

    So now, I just stick with turtles. You can’t go wrong there.

    I’m not one to like surprises with what I put in my mouth.

    1. I would like a set of those knives for Valentine’s Day. I don’t mean that in a weird way…although it sounds malicious.
      “What did you get for Valentine’s Day, Gertrude?” “Oh, just some knives from Earl.” See what I mean? 😉

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