The Monster’s Daughter Book Review

TITLE: The Monster’s Daughter
AUTHOR: Deborah Bryan
PUBLICATION DATE: January 24, 2011
PUBLISHER: Amazon Digital Services
LINKS: Visit Deborah Bryan’s Website or her Facebook Page

My Review:

I couldn’t put it down. Deborah has an amazing writing style that I absolutely fell in love with after just a few sentences. Her descriptions are well thought out and extremely vivid which in turn leads the reader into her world with ease. I simply couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.

Let me point out…I love vampire novels. I was (if being honest here), expecting to step into another vampire novel…like all the others. I was blown away with a very rich and completely new take on the roll of YA fiction vampires. Loved it times a million. So fresh, so new…so unlike anything else out there.

I loved Ginny. She was such an open character who wasn’t afraid to bare her flaws for others to see and for that, I loved her. I related to her character so, so well. Character portrayal throughout the book was fleshed out perfectly. This was definitely Deborah’s strong suit…she makes her characters real without forcing them to “be” real.

There were so many favorite quotes that I pulled from this book, I soon found myself writing them down on scratch paper for this review. I won’t list them all, but here are just a few that I relish completely!

Chapter 10

“For all the people in the world who would die to have this power, kill to have it, I can’t persuade the two people whose lives actually matter to me to take it. And I can’t force it upon them. That is my sorrow.”

Chapter 11

“After all, she thought, it takes a long time to accept as truth what seems implausible even in dreams.”

Chapter 23

“There, for reasons she neither knew nor needed to know, the boy she had endangered clung to life while the man who had raised her tried to steal it.”

Final thoughts? If you love a great gripping story that is full of surprises and an honest to goodness exceptional story, then you have got to read The Monster’s Daughter. A breath of fresh air to YA fiction. Totally different, extremely new…unlike anything I have ever read before.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Deborah Bryan



  1. This review was much better than coffee for waking me up. Also much more delicious! Many, many thanks.

  2. Reblogged this on The Monster in Your Closet and commented:
    Talk about starting my day off right! Thanks to Valerie King for this fabulous, frank review of my first novel.
    Reading this gave me the boost I needed to actually edit the book’s sequel this morning, instead of merely opening the document and perusing Facebook. (Guilty!)

  3. Thanks for this review. Mission accomplished as I just purchased it for my Kindle.

  4. Amen! This book – and its author – rock my world!!

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