Spring Break, Hogwarts and Homeschool

We don’t celebrate Spring Break….the same way everyone else does. So before you go off and tell everyone I’m a terrible mother, let me explain…

As a homeschooling family, we choose to take our Spring Break on a weekly basis. What does that mean exactly?

Field trips, experiments and outside activities are a big part of our curriculum. My children school 5x a week, but our day begins early in the morning and usually ends around lunchtime. We fill in those empty afternoons with fun activities…a trip to the library to read books, play at the park with friends, an afternoon at the zoo, a day at the museum. This is one of the reasons I {heart} home eduction. Being a part of my children’s learning each and every day is a treasure that I will hold onto forever.

We took a wonderful family vacation (a.k.a. Spring Break) in April of last year. After the mad rush of everyone else’s Spring Break, we chose to visit Universal Studios in Orlando a month later leaving the crowds thinner and lines shorter. We are big Potter fans over here.

Their Butterbeer? To die for!

Hogwarts? A-Mazing!

People ask me often, “Why do you homeschool your children?” My answer is simple…my husband and I feel led to do it. My children did attend public school for a few years and they did great. But, we felt the desire to school them at home two years ago was the right answer for us…and for them. We haven’t looked back since.

Happy Spring Break to everyone! No matter when or how you celebrate….make it memorable.


4 thoughts on “Spring Break, Hogwarts and Homeschool”

  1. OMG!!! Was Hogwarts as amazing as I imagine it to be?! I’ve always wanted to go. 😀 Anyway… Your kids look like they’re having a blast with Mommy. There was a point in my life when I wish I were home schooled. Didn’t happen for me though but I’m glad you’re stepping up to do that for your kids! 🙂 HAPPY SPRING BREAK Valerie!

  2. This all sounds fabulous!

    It’s funny, but I’ve never really stopped to wonder “Why homeschooling?” until just now. There are so many totally understandable reasons I can imagine for just about any configuration of things, it sometimes fails to cross my mind to ask. Which I’m now wanting to do more of, not confrontationally, but to hear instead of to fill in my own blanks. 🙂

    1. I thought, “Why homeschool?”…a few years ago as well. Two years later, it is still a learning process for me. But, it is one I relish completely. It honestly allows me to learn along with my children…and there is always room for learning new things. 🙂

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