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Curse Of The Grilled Cheese Sandwich

My husband left for his yearly golf trip with his best buddies last Thursday for four days, leaving me in tow with my three boys for the weekend. When daddy’s gone….anything goes here in the King household.

This included a 50,000,000 calorie breakfast for dinner meal at IHOP one night. It was delicious to say the least. I came home and ran two miles and then laid on the floor and did 1,000 sit-ups to burn 200 of those calories off. I felt better about myself as I wiped the maple syrup sweat off of my brow when completed….

Friday evening, my oldest A.E.K., asked to cook dinner for him and his brothers. I replied, “Go for it!” as I drank a Slimfast shake that tasted like thick milk and bleached flour.

Grilled cheese was the highlight of the menu. I watched as he pulled a tablespoon of butter and slathered it on EACH piece of bread. Instead of correcting the “lighter is often better” speech, I let him finish. As he flipped the bread int the pan, I could hear my arteries crying out as the butter dripped from each slice of bread as he flipped it. Now add the cheese….oh my stars….

Once completed, the grilled cheese sandwiches looked more like rectangular mangles of hunks of bread and runny cheese. I watched as my son placed each sandwich carefully on a plate, surrounding it with chips, fresh blueberries and a pickle.

He was so proud of himself! And I was extremely proud too despite the…um, artistic meal he had constructed.

My youngest son, sat down and immediately said, “Mommy, did YOU make this?” I replied, “No sweetie, your brother made dinner tonight. Wasn’t that nice?”

With eyes peering down at the table, he said grace and followed up with “Well, I hope we’re all still alive in the morning after eating this.” (100% serious here, folks!)

Despite the meal, my boys told stories about Halo the video game (that I don’t understand) and a YouTube video called Chocolate Rain (If you look it up, I cannot be responsible for the 2am wake-up you experience every night due to the repetitive, annoying lyrics this song causes. If you are looking for insomnia, you will find it in this video. The End.)

If you’d rather watch a super cool video that can become highly addictive and worth a repost, then watch this one instead.

Happy Cheese Grillin’ ~


P.S. No one was harmed in the grilled cheese aftermath, and we are all alive and well this morning. Happy Monday! 🙂


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