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Writing Makes Room For New Ideas

Writing is not a habit, it’s a need that I have…that I crave…that I love.

There is rarely ever a dead-end street within the crevices of my mind. Lurking in the dark corners, I often find fragments to a story I feel is worth telling to others. A beginning piece to a beautiful novel often starts with one single image, flash of a face or word that crosses over me. More often than not, it happens at 2am, while waiting impatiently in the long line at the grocery store or when a song hits the radio waves on my iPod.

It is not rare for me to have 3-4 books in process at once. Hence…now. I have three on the table. One nearly complete, one 1/4 of the way done and another 1/2 way finished. I do find that I have to pull myself away from one or the other at times…writer’s block, it does exist. Skipping between novels allows an even broader range of creativity, and I love that.

I am currently 1/2 way finished with a new novella series entitled Unseen Wings. A story about a beautiful young girl who steps into the world of the Guardians, earth inhabited guardian angels, at age 19. A life full of riches, elegance and detrimental choices await her. Do you choose love or do you choose the life you’ve been given?

Becoming a Guardian means giving your life to another, a life in which you vow to protect, honor…to serve the soul you are bestowed. In this, you are giving forth the right to only administer protection to this one individual, eliminating the opportunity for direct involvement or deep interaction. We are to oversee; we are not to satisfy our own desires. – The Guardian Vow

The first novella in the series, Guardian, will be available soon. Upon completion, the book will be sold via ePub for free for all to enjoy. Book two will soon follow. Are you as excited as I am?! This story is ten years in the making. The idea found within the confines of an old flash drive a few weeks ago. Pretty awesome how book ideas can fall in your lap sometimes.

What drives your ideas, thoughts and pieces to your creative stories? Do you focus on one story at a time, or do you have a slew of unfinished novels on your hard drive?

Happy Wednesday! Now…back to writing.

Blog Hugs ~


6 thoughts on “Writing Makes Room For New Ideas”

  1. I feel like a poser after reading this! I don’t write creatively that often, just when I see/hear/recall something that bears a little bit of fleshing out. Apart from a few vignettes and poems (as well as an occasional foray into fiction to open a blog entry), my novels are really the only creative works I’ve entertained in more than a decade.

    This does have me wondering where and when my next inspiration will strike. Also what it will look like!

  2. Deb,

    You are one of the most creative writers I know! Every blog post you have ever written is a story within itself. When I see your new blog post show up in my inbox, I drop what I’m doing and visit your new creation. I am astounded each and every time I read something from you. Perfection at best.

    And, I truly mean that. ❤

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