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The Smell of Manhood…Even the Air Fresheners Can’t Fix

I am a mother to a house full of boys. Being an only child, when my twin boys were born I thought, “What do I do with these…boys? I don’t know how to play trains, swords and Superman! What does the color blue go with?!”

After my third son arrived, I thought, “I’ve got this.” And I did! I am the Jedi Master of all things boys.

Play well with trains I do – Yoda

Recently, we’ve stepped into a whole new realm. One that scares the be-jeezes out of me. GASP – Puberty. Boyhood into Manhood. Trains into Video Games. Soft Baby Skin to Dark Hair On The Legs.

As I wipe the tears from my eyes, I now hold my nose. What the heck has happened? Where are my two precious little boys? I’ve lost them and it makes this mama’s heart hurt.

My twins stink. Before you judge this Texas girl, let me explain. My children bathe daily…all three of them. And my older two even wear deodorant. But this “stench” rising from their bodies is not one of body odor, sweatiness or dirty socks. It’s…a boy smell.

When I step into their bedroom each morning, I now breathe from my mouth, not through my nose. I smile as they wake from a night of slumber even though my stomach is flip-flopping. What IS that smell?! Is it hormones? Can manhood hormones seep from the skin of its inhabitants? Come on, moms of boys, please don’t tell me I’m the only one here!

The smell slowly disappears as the day goes on, but reappears each morning. It’s like a lurking ghost of growing up…dislike.

I strategically placed an air freshener behind their book shelf while they were gone one afternoon. I certainly didn’t want them to know their mother was trying to cover the smell of her children.

My oldest said, “Mom, what smells like cinnamon in our room?”

Smiling I replied, “Your sweet goodness, my dear!”

“No really, Mom…what is it? It smells!”

Darn it! I had been caught red handed. Didn’t really matter though. That cinnamon smell didn’t even mask the odor of “growing up”.

Apparently manhood is immune to air fresheners.

My children have stolen my heart. I love them with every depth of my soul, but I need answers. Answers to an ever pondering question…

What IS that smell?!

* Isn’t he just the sweetest? My boys would LOVE that hat! Oh, and hot dogs and old people smell better then my kids’ bedroom. Just sayin’…

Air Freshener Hugs ~



6 thoughts on “The Smell of Manhood…Even the Air Fresheners Can’t Fix”

    1. Shannon! My heavens…I seriously don’t know WHAT it is!

      Writing P & G…now there’s an idea. Perhaps I’ll forward them this blog post and say, “So, ya got somethin’ to cure the smell of hormonal boys? I would like to be part of your test group if you don’t.” 🙂

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