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Road Trips With Kids…And Other Ways To Go Insane

So my family and I packed up for a late spring break/celebration for Daddy’s new job vacation over the weekend. As homeschoolers, we can travel when we want to. And it rocks. The end.

Yet, every time we drive somewhere I anticipate a quiet ride like this…

Don’t these strangers look happy? They haven’t left their driveway yet. That’s the only explanation I have. Road trips with kids don’t work like this. It’s more like…this…

You know the routine, parents. Stop shaking your head and saying, “My kids are sweet little angels on the road. They never act like this!” Maybe if you’re driving a half a mile to Toys ‘R Us to buy an overpriced Pokemon figure whose arms will fall off before you reach the interior of your house, causing tears and a sinking feeling of “wasting my money” crossing over your sweaty, red face of anger. You know the drill, sweet friends…

I felt like these awesome dudes (from the epic movie, The Hangover!) when we reached our destination on Saturday afternoon. There was not a naked man in the trunk of our car though. At least we had that going for us…

These ladies just make me want to roll over and punch them. With a driving glove on.

Maybe they are driving AWAY from their husband and children??? You know, like leaving them at the roadside gas station after little Billy puked in the backseat and Susie cried for an hour over her little dolly’s dress being TOO frilly for their beach vacation. I’m going with this scenario…I won’t punch them, I’ll just plead to go with them. I’ll even agree to wearing a hat and reading the old timey map instead of using my iPhone MapQuest app.

Road Trips = Insanity

But they also equal, a load of awesome memories. I say this as I throw away the plastic Walmart bag of puke from my carsick son. Ah, vacation is so relaxing, isn’t it?

Lovin’ Life On The Edge…of a cliff ~


4 thoughts on “Road Trips With Kids…And Other Ways To Go Insane”

  1. We once decided to go on a road trip to a place a little far away from our house. We drove for 24 hours (in two days, so 12 hours each day) with three kids and two dogs in the car. We stayed there for a couple of weeks and drove back. Like you said, road trips can be insane and not relaxing at all, but the memories make them so worth it.

    1. Yes, the memories are worth every single moment. Long hours in the car and all. I’ll remember that vacation for the rest of my life. My husband and kids will too. In that, I’ll take the craziness. Love trumps crazy. 🙂

  2. Oh yes, I think any parent has had some sort of road trip adventure like you, lol. I definitely have and made the mistake the first time of not bringing enough things to keep the kids entertained or distracted. I learned my lesson though (thanks to a recommendation from a coworker at DISH)…and now make sure to bring my iPad, so the kids can at least play a few games and watch some TV with my DISH Remote Access app I have. Luckily the trips we take aren’t usually that long and I don’t have a problem getting a 3G signal, so they can happily enjoy all their favorite programming live or recorded no matter what. I’ve definitely had a few of those thoughts in my mind as well…maybe they wouldn’t notice if I just took off haha! 🙂

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