The Beach…And How It Ruined My Life

I believe the tiny particles of sand on a beautiful beach are powerful little magical creatures that mess with your brain. Yeah, white sandy beaches! I’m talking to you!

See this?

This is where I spent 7 days last week with my hubby and three kids. We had plans to visit a museum, see an IMAX movie and other touristy things while we were away…yet every morning at 10am, I planted my behind on this beach until 4pm every afternoon instead. No regrets. Until I got back yesterday.

We ate soggy sandwiches last week, sandy Baked Lays and drank a mass of Dr. Pepper. We built awesome sand castles, caught baby crabs and shrimp and met sweet people from as far away as Canada.

Beaches whisk you away. It’s kind of like being taken to Hogwarts, minus the wands and dementors. Your robe is a swimsuit, your potions class is swimming with the sea life and Professor Snape is the weird dude in the Speedo sportin’ a beer belly with a braided black beard. Dumbledore was with him. Guess he likes Corona….who knew! I’m gettin’ side-tracked here…

Everyone cried yesterday morning when we had to head home…geez, can’t a girl cry about leaving paradise? (wiping tear stained mascara from the corners of my eyes)

We unloaded everything and I saw those sweet little magical white particles in the back of my car. I had to have a private moment to myself as I reflected on the awesome-ness of last week. I miss that sand in all the wrong places….

Until next time, sweet paradise. I miss your magic, but I’ll certainly hold onto your memories.

Daydream Believer ~


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