Writing Books With Willy Wonka…And Other Mindless Follies

Writing a novel + Scrumdidily-Umcious chocolate = EPIC results

To write…I must snack. The End.

Snacking seems to pump creative juices through my overcrowded and often overwhelmed mind. If it weren’t for those awesome treats, I’m pretty sure my stories would be about…wishing for a snack.

One of my all time favorite movies is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The original one. The newer version? Oh sweet, delicious Johnny Depp, me loves you…but you are simply not “Wonka” enough for me. Sorry luscious J.D. Gobstopper.





Moving forth…(I could spend all day making comparisons here, peeps.)

I think I’ve found the Golden Ticket. It resides in my heart. It consists of an overwhelming love and a bucket full of support from my husband, children, friends and family. They understand my need for “snacking”. When I refer to “snacking” here, I mean writing. I have to find the Wonka Bar moments within my busy schedule to sit myself down and let the words pour from my fingertips. If not, I’m pretty sure my life would be salty instead of sweet. And this girl LOVES “Chocolate” moments…not “Sour Patch Kids” moments.

And if all else fails, a bag of half eaten chocolate chips will do too. Keep those “snacking” moments going. Even if it’s only for 20-30 minutes a day, find time to “snack”…write. If you don’t force yourself, you’ll sigh and load that third load of laundry in the washer instead. Your children may not have clean underwear, but by golly their mother is going to give them a heck of a story to read for the rest of their life! Isn’t that worth more than clean whitey-tighties today? Think long and hard about that one.

Laundry can wait, words cannot. Have your “snack” then tackle the Tide. Life is short…live big!

I’m now done “snacking” for the day. I guess Tide and I have a date this evening. 🙂

Chocolate Kisses ~


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