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Be SelfLESS In A Selfish World

I’ve been (and will always be) both. I’m not a perfect human being, nor will I ever be. I’m a sinner, not a saint. But I have a Saviour who accepts me as I am.

Yet, I do strive to always to be SELFLESS.

Today this struck a chord with me. I witnessed two incidents with friends who were hurt by the selfish ways of another. Two different measures of selfishness, and two entirely different situations…but both were brutal.

As I’ve grown older and become a mother to three boys who look to my husband and I for guidance, I’ve learned that loving is better than lashing out.

My days are always busy. ALWAYS. There’s homeschooling, social media/marketing work that must be done daily and timely for my employer, laundry, grocery shopping, writing…writing…did I mention writing? And simply being a wife and mother. That in itself is a calling and a gift.

There are days that my head spins and my TO-DO list is a mile long. And yes, there are times that I selfishly want to curl up in my cozy chair, read a great book, drink a cup of hot tea and remain unbothered for hours…not five minutes.

Let me reiterate, there is nothing wrong with being “selfish” at times. We owe it to ourselves to take a step back from this demanding world and nurture our soul. If we don’t do this, we have a bigger tendency to lash out or talk bluntly before thinking.

Yet we have to remind ourselves…the situation that sits before you today, are you going to be selfish or selfless about it?

An example would be my youngest son begging for me to build a train track with him this morning. I had SO much to do to get this busy week started, so my quick answer was NO. The look on his face made my heart hurt. I had wounded him deeply. The images of my son grown sped through my mind as I looked at his face, tears begging to creep over his sweet little eyes.

Bending down to him, I took a deep breath and said, “Well maybe for a little while, okay? Then mommy has to do some work. How does that sound?”

His eyes lit up and my heart soared. I wrestled with what I had to do, but I gave my son an hour with his mother that I would have missed otherwise.

Saying no is too easy. Saying hurtful things to avoid a complicated situation happens too often.

Before responding with a hardended “no”, before jumping into a conversation and saying something rude and disrespectful, before rolling your eyes at the tired mother in front of you in the grocery line with a crying baby who hands the cashier a mound of coupons, think about this…”Am I being selfish or selfless?”

Remember to nurture your soul with quiet moments, but also nurture the ones you love and even the strangers whom you’ll never know. It’s amazing how one act of selfless kindness can change you. From the inside out.

Selfless Love,


2 thoughts on “Be SelfLESS In A Selfish World”

  1. Thanks, Valerie, for the blessing of this encouraging and challenging word. It’s easy to get self-absorbed at times, but not when I’m allowing Jesus to exercise his LOVING LORDSHIP in my heart. I needed to read and apply this reminder. You have blessed me today.

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