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The Curse of the Evil Flip Flops and Traffic Jams

This story is 99.99% true. So true, I’m almost too embarrassed to admit it.

I had a mommy moment today. A moment where I honestly could have strangled my child….okay, maybe that’s being a little rash…but if I had laser eyes, I would have burned a hole right through him this morning as my anger and frustration boiled over.

For the past two days we’ve been stuck in this house. Why? Because we had pool work done that should have only taken one day, but instead took two. The guy who did the work did a nice job, but he seemed to take too many Sonic Drive-Thru breaks. Every time I willed myself to look outside he was eating a tater tot, drinking a Route 44 or singing Taylor Swift at the top of his lungs. Awkward in a very disturbing way….

Anyhoo, that’s a whole other story. So back to the boiling rage this morning. Being the sweet mother that I am (I made my children cheer here for support; I hope you’re cheering too)…I pushed my list of to-do’s aside and promised them a day out today. A fun-filled day of wacky summer fun here:

Might I remind you, on a GOOD day this place is almost an hour from our house. We live in the sticks…I’m kidding. But we do have a zebra that lives around the corner from us. And some donkeys. Okay, we do live in the sticks…You should see this sweet zebra though! My son named her “Stripey”. Original, yes?!

My two beautiful sweet neighbors, V & M, went with us today. Today is V’s 18th birthday. M is 16. I felt honored that an 18 year old girl wanted to hang out with a frazzled mother and her 3 crazy boys on her birthday. That’s why I love them though. They seem to enjoy my company, I certainly enjoy theirs. It’s nice to have someone to talk to about how dumb Justin Bieber is how much we want to see “Snow White & The Huntsman!” Girl talk…I do miss that sometimes, but they give me a chance to indulge every once in a while.

So we pile out of the car, I walk over to the “Pay To Park” kiosk, only to return to my car being torn apart.

Big A ~ “Middle A can’t find his shoes.”

Me ~ “Middle A, what did you do with your shoes?!”

Middle A ~ “They were just here.”

Me (I’m fuming now) ~ “Sooooooooooo, where are they?”

Middle A ~ “I don’t know.”

Me ~ “So you’re saying you DIDN’T bring your shoes?!”

Middle A ~ “No. I forgot.”

This child is nearly 12. How do you walk past the shoes in the garage, WATCH your brothers put their shoes on, but saunter by without putting on yours???

I had paid for my d’adgum parking spot. So I left two of my children with my 16 year old neighbor in the parking lot, while V, Middle A and I drove to Walgreens two miles away  to buy $3.99 plastic navy flip flops.

35 minutest later we are finally inside the aquarium. All was well after I bought a $67.00 Dr.Pepper to calm my nerves.

We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon, named two monkeys Pierre and Luigi because they were super friendly and so darn cute! Isn’t he just a doll?!

We left a a little after 1pm to beat the traffic, only to face this….

Encountering two accidents and an hour and forty minute drive home.

Despite the madness of today, it was memorable. We all had a great time.

And tonight, I will treat myself to a MUCH NEEDED glass of wine. What-A-Day!

Exhausted Woman Who Loves Moustache Monkeys ~


5 thoughts on “The Curse of the Evil Flip Flops and Traffic Jams”

  1. Snow White and the Huntsman is pretty good – not sure if it’s a buy and keep…maybe…thinking on the last scene especially…but really pretty good. And from the mommy bird watching her chicks building their own nests…print these posts and put them in a book to read later so you have someplace to catch your tears.

    1. I will indeed, Lisa. As crazy and wild as yesterday was, I wouldn’t take a million dollars for it. My children are growing up so fast, I don’t want to miss a single moment of their lives…no matter how nuts it may get sometimes! 🙂

  2. OK, you can quote me here… WHAT A FREAKIN’ NIGHTMARE!

    And yes, I’m right there with you. I had a moment like that with my middle child who, apparently, didn’t understand what “get dressed and get in the car” meant. Only to pull up to Wal-Mart (where were you, it *was* Tuesday???) and the child is in boxers… and NOTHING ELSE?! HELLO STREAKER!?!

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