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Taco Bueno And The Case Of The Stupid Squeaky Shoes

‘Tis the tale of the squeaky shoes that made lunch all but enjoyable…..

If you buy, own or even consider purchasing these darn things, we can no longer be friends. Serious, they are annoying as heck. Cute styles, but if you like squeaky sounds, buy a dog toy. I hear PetSmart has a great selection.

Every time your precious toddler walks around with these maddening, schizophrenic shoes on the cuteness quickly fades. Trust me. Quickly.

We went to eat at Taco Bueno yesterday with Mr. D during his lunch hour. A beautiful, well put together mother who had managed a shower, make-up and clothes without a single wrinkle or stain arrived with her three year old daughter and a newborn baby girl in a stroller. I was impressed. She was on a date…with herself. I felt like giving her a standing ovation for her brave outing, fully dressed, smiling…that was until her daughter began running circles around the tables. With squeaky shoes. And when I say squeaky shoes, I mean they are called “Squeaky Shoes”. They are meant to squeak when a child walks.

Children don’t tip-toe, they don’t walk, they run. Everywhere. Nonstop. In the house, in a restaurant, in a parking lot, in the quiet hallways of a hospital, in a hurricane. Walking does not become a part of a child’s vocabulary until at LEAST the age of 6. Five if you’re lucky.

So, I’m listening to Linda Ronstadt and squeaky shoes over a meal that was supposed to be slightly enjoyable. Instead it was squeaky, like a mouse. And it made my teeth hurt. And my nerves quiver. And my lip curl in rage. Yet she kept walking, while she ate her burrito. So, I let it pass. All because her mother was on a date…with herself. And I know how amazing that feeling is. But I still hate her daughter’s shoes. With a passion.

Stop Squeaking Or Bust ~


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