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Harry Potter and the Chocolate Chip Muffins

(Sigh) I will never tire of this book. Ever. The tattered yellow pages continue to enlighten this busy mama’s heart read after read. I started it again last night for the 635th time, and it still gets me. I seem to learn something new about “The Boy Who Lived” every time I start this epic piece of literature.

Harry Potter + Chocolate Muffins

Yeah, you heard me right. I was sitting in my big, comfy reading chair last night. You know, the place where I like to kick my feet up and fall into another world while my three children bicker over who’s going to eat the last string cheese. My ears go deaf when I sit in this chair. I am willing to share with any of you if the price is right. We’ll talk….

Awesome isn’t it? Excuse the butt print in the cushion. Yes, apparently I do tend to “lean to the right” when reading in this little piece of heaven. Anyhoo, moving on….

So, back to the chocolate muffins – I was reading about Dudley’s birthday and thought to myself, “Cake…yes, I like birthday cake! But I don’t have any cake.” Frown. When I think of birthday’s, I think of cake. Yes, perhaps I do have issues with sweets. Don’t judge. I really thought the story would sound better if I was eating a piece of birthday cake while hanging with Harry. I wasn’t about to share any cake with Dudley. You know why, Potter fans…

Cake, cake, cake, cake….nope, no cake. I spotted a box of muffins in the pantry at 8:45 last night. I needed, wanted, CRAVED those dad-gum muffins. So while my sweet husband played iPhone for 16 hours after work in HIS comfy chair, and my children gave up on WHO was going to get the last string cheese, choosing a box of raisins each instead…which then led to “Hey, you have MORE raisins then I do!” I made my luscious chocolate muffins while everyone else ignored me. And it was beyond blissful because I got to lick the bowl…alone….while hiding in the pantry, but that’s beside the point.

I would show you the baked version of these immaculate muffins, but…they are gone. Yes, I did share with my family. Sheesh, I’m not that big of a glutton! (fingers crossed behind my back)

No really, I even let me kids have one of these bad boys for breakfast this morning. I’m a cool mom most of the time. Ask my kids, they know how to respond to this. 😉

I did save one final muffin though. So I’m going to go read now. In my chair, with Mr. Potter, and my wand. Yeah, I have a wand, so? Thank you Universal Studios in Orlando for the $40 wand that does nothing but look pretty….

Somedays Hogwarts is calling my name. Today is no exception. I’ll take that over the psyche ward any day.

Potter Fan For Life~


5 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Chocolate Chip Muffins”

  1. It’s possible that I will trade you the recipe for chocolate (and whatever) single-serving microwave cake in three minutes for a ride in the chair – if the deafness includes husbands.

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