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One Thousand Gifts ~ The Poetry of Gratitude From An Overwhelmed Mother

What an AMAZING quote this is. I really took it to heart this morning.

I see this photograph and revel in the love of life and family. The love of a husband, the strength of fatherhood and the gift of children. Although this photo was taken eight and a half years ago, it still brings the deepest depths of buried memories to the surface of my heart. Everlasting Love. That’s what I feel.

There are days that I forget to say thank you for these four precious souls that walk with me.

Does that make me a bad person? An awful wife, an ungrateful mother, or a selfish woman? No, I don’t think so. It’s a reminder that life speeds forth against my will to slow the gas pedal, to relish the little time I’m given to walk this earth.

Life buries me. Often.

I am guilty. I get caught up in the to-do’s, the appointments, the unanswered emails, the homeschool papers that need grading, the dishwasher that needs loading, the dinner that needs to be cooked. I wake in the morning, and I don’t stop moving until my eyes finally flutter close at nearly 11pm. The process repeats itself daily.

Time. Is there ever enough?

I not only write often, I read even more. I love books. All types. When a dear friend said, “You HAVE to read, One Thousand Gifts!” I stumbled with….WHEN? I have a list of books that need reading, and reviews that need writing for fellow author friends.

I reserved a copy of the book from my local library…number thirty-seven on the waiting list. It would be weeks, maybe months before it arrived. Three days later, the library called and said it was in and ready for pick-up.

When I drove away from the library four days ago, I never expected my life would be dramatically changed in a 200 page book. I devoured the words of Ann Voskamp in two days.

I am changed.

Changed by the dramatic scenes, the deep heartache, the colorful expressions of what life gives to each of us, and how we are all guilty of at one time or another, of taking advantage of life without giving an ounce of gratitude back. Ann has a way with words, and through her open eyes, she tells her true story, and how sorrow soured her life. Until her sense of re-discovery surfaced. Surfaced like a beautiful meadow of fragrant flowers…gifts that we look past. Normalcy.

Our world isn’t normal. Our world is a canvas of color.

When was the last time you savored a bowl of pesto pasta, watched a sunset, smelled the air after a soaking summer rain, made snow angels with your children, held hands with your husband, went hiking in the woods, made gingerbread cookies at Christmas? And I don’t mean JUST did these things, but enjoyed these things….savored them, soaked them up and locked them in your heart?

We go through the motions, but we don’t stop to enjoy WHAT we’re doing.

One Thousand Gifts is a Christian novel. Spiritual and full of sweet metaphorical fruit.

Yes, I am a child of God. I do believe in His word, and what He did on Calvary for me.

Irregardless of your religious beliefs, the color of your skin, where you are from, what you’ve lived through, who you love, what job title you hold or where you lay your head at night…we are one in the same. We are human.

Time is a gift. The beauty, the moments, the hurt, the laughter, the grief, the love, the pain, the memories, and even the ailing woes that often steal away life from another too soon.

Life ends for all of us eventually, no matter how hard you pull the parking break, you can’t stop the motion of time.

Stop what you’re doing, and savor it. Every single piece of it. You’ll never grasp this moment in time again, so live it full…live it well.

A Grateful Heart ~


11 thoughts on “One Thousand Gifts ~ The Poetry of Gratitude From An Overwhelmed Mother”

  1. I guess sometimes we all get really caught up in the big things that we forget the importance of the little ones. Thanks for reminding me of this Valerie! 🙂 OH! I went to the bookstore and asked if they had your book yet. Sad to say, they don’t. I left my number though and they said they’d just send me a text message when they get it. 🙂 Reading The Glass Castle Dream now!!! 😀

    1. Hi dear! Thanks for the kind comment. Funny you ask about “The Gift of Fate”! I actually just published it via Kindle yesterday after pulling it from Nook. Unfortunately since I am self-published, I’m not in bookstores, only online. I hope to have a publisher some day though! Happy thoughts on this. 🙂
      I have two ebooks on Amazon.com: “The Gift of Fate” and “Guardian”. You can find them, here. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008XNW2AC & http://amzn.to/MyuCUQ
      Hope you are loving Glass Castle! Thanks for being a fan. That makes my heart happy, sweet friend.

      1. Kinda not hard to be a fan Valerie! 🙂

        I shall make sure to check out amazon for your books just as soon as I get myself a new kindle. 🙂

        PS. LOVING Glass Castle! 😀

      2. Aw, you’re the GREATEST! There just might be a future Glass Castle Novel…published. With some add-ins by year end or the first part of 2013. Just maybe…this girl might just have plans to do so. Secrets are sometimes worth sharing. 😉

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