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YES, I Do Believe In Miracles! (And Las Vegas Magic Fairy Dust)

For any pool owner on the planet, you know what that bad boy is in the upper left hand corner. Yeah baby, a $1,000 pool pump!

So, remember my last post about the electrical fire at the main switch of our pool equipment? No? Here ya go.

Well, we changed out that stupid switch….and the pool pump still didn’t work. Fab. We spent the entire day on Saturday messing with the equipment while we sweat, grew gnarly blisters on our fingers and raging blood pressure encounters when our wasted Saturday….still led to a broken pump.

Then it rained 4 inches in two hours.

I felt like Noah minus the rainbow. Because not only was our pump broken, our pool was turning a lovely shade of green. Beauti-mus.

We went to church on Saturday night. And to be quite honest with you, I prayed and prayed for the Lord’s intervention in this one. We leave in 8 days for Las Vegas for a week. Without children. Without work. Without the distractions of life. I have been dreaming of fruity drinks and beautiful pools and awesome buffet’s (thank you Planet Hollywood) and fun people watching…because we all know there is plenty of that! This is not just some random trip to Vegas. This is an early birthday present for my hunk of a husband. A big birthday, and no, I’ve been shushed to never tell HOW old he will be turning. We’ll say 29…..and a few more….and maybe a couple of more after that.

Then the pump broke. And I cried. Because spending a $1000 on new pool equipment would limit our entertainment in Vegas. So long Cirque De Soliel…..and awesome buffet at Planet Hollywood….and trip to Hoover Dam. Hello, $1 menu at Wendy’s, and….yeah, that’s about it.

I am seldom a selfish prayer, but Saturday night I was. Because I saw the look on my husband’s face, and the sheer disappointment of shelling out so much cash right before a much needed trip away.

But I prayed….and I slept terrible that night. And the next. And then this morning, he came….ya know, the pool guy.

Sorry, wrong pool guy. I meant this one…

Well, not quite. But you know what I’m talking about.

So I sat there while he looked at the equipment. And I prayed again. And then he said those beautiful, magical little words!

“Just some bad wiring and a switch that blew along with your outlet here. It will be $90 to fix. I’ll get it done!”

$90? You didn’t say $900, right?

$90 it is!

I am on cloud 9 heading towards Vegas! We saved my husband’s birthday vacation. Well, He did at least. Big thanks today. And  a wealth of gratitude to the One who keeps the crazy mama sane. Even during pool pump wars.

SO Grateful…and counting down ~


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