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Big Fat Meanies And Travel Size Elves

Welcome to Monday…hence, 3 days until I fly my rear end out of here and head to Vegas for a week. After this morning’s agenda, I would prefer to get on a plane today. But I can’t. So I’ll wish REAL hard for it to happen.

Do you think Sheldon Cooper would allow me to use his time machine to leave early? I’ll give him a ring later on my Star Trek phone…

Anyhow, I had a list of errands today to wrap up before we get the “hey-yah” out of here. My husband left his car, so I graciously took it to Walmart to get the oil changed since I needed to pick up some of those miniature shampoo bottles for the trip. You know the ones that allow you to wash your hair once for a $2.50. Β Yes, those….Apparently I will be visiting Walgreens in Vegas once we get there. Trial size shampoo’s must be for elves, so I’ll have to invest in a full size, overpriced bottle on The Strip once I get there. Don’t worry, I think I can handle it. I’ll just look for an elf to give my trial size bottle to…

So, I drop off my husband’s car, do my shopping and come back to pick up the car and leave.

Then this unfolds….

Walmart Oil Dude: (slides my keys across the counter with a sour look on his face) “We can’t change the oil in your car. We don’t have the right tools to remove the engine cover to do it. Sorry.”

Yeah, he looked REAL sorry let me tell ya.

Me: “But you’ve changed the oil in this car for the last 3 years, what’s different about today?”

Walmart Oil Dude: (sighs with complete disgust) “I told you, we DON’T have the tools to do it. Sorry.

Me: “You don’t have the tools…Sooooo, you work in the automotive department and the tools are missing, is that you’re saying?”

Walmat Oil Dude : (Waves the manager over, sporting a bad attitude) “Can you please tell this LADY that we don’t have the tools for this? Apparently she doesn’t understand.”

Me: (For those of you that don’t know me, I don’t do confrontations. Today, was a whole other story as I was fuming at his sexist attitude.) “Excuse me, perhaps you should work on your attitude…(eyeing his tag) RONALD, and learn how to speak to a lady. Don’t stand there and act like I don’t know what I’m talking about. If you have a problem with me, then let’s chat. In fact, I’d like to speak to your manager in private, RONALD.

He glares at me and rolls his eyes. I felt like punching him for his rude remarks and eye rolling…instead, I wrote a novel about it in my head on the way home. It’s entitled, “Ronald. The Man Raised By Wolves In Pasadena.” I probably shouldn’t type it out for fear of being chased by the elves who make the tiny travel size shampoos at Walmart….

So the manager FINDS the tools and changes my oil for FREE. Might I add though, that even though this gesture was nice, I received no apology from anyone. Not even the travel size shampoo elf.

This leads me here. Yes…7 days in Vegas. After today, I am MORE than ready to get there! I’m waiting for Sheldon to call me back. I really do hope his time machine is available this evening.

And when I get there, I’m going to enjoy a lovely meal with my husband in this fancy-smancy dress that I borrowed from my boss (thank you RG!), and I will praise the Insanity Work-Out peeps who gave me 8 weeks of pure utter insane, vomit inducing hour long workouts 6 days a week that will allow me to look glittery and lovely in this little, teeny-tiny dress.

And I’m sure I’ll forget all about RONALD the mean oil change guy. And perhaps I’ll even buy the travel shampoo elf a Gin & Tonic one night at The Mirage….

Vegas Bound ~


8 thoughts on “Big Fat Meanies And Travel Size Elves”

  1. WOW…. who doesn’t have tools to change oil? Sounds like he WAS a tool. YEA FOR YOU FOR GOING OFF ON HIM!!!!! YEA YEA YEA!!!!!!! I’m proud of you!!!

    (and you know, if you take FULL SIZED shampoo, you can pack it in your luggage, right? Isn’t it just in the carry on you need the travel sized?) Just be sure to like, triple bag them so they don’t explode! πŸ™‚ SO JEALOUS…

    and next time, you know, it’s a COUPLES TRIP…. !

  2. We are not checking bags, we are carrying on, sweet A. One, because we don’t arrive in Vegas until 11:30pm, and two, I’m not paying $3,800 to check my luggage (thank you American Airlines). I’ll buy $5 shampoo there. Couples trip? Why yes! πŸ™‚

  3. Once again, Val, I find myself sitting at the kitchen island laughing out loud when no one else is around. OK., so Buddy looks up at me like he has just missed something.

    And just to confirm what you already know……..you are going to be ROCKING that dress. And in a little over a week, I have no doubt it will be dry-cleaners bound. :)) And that is all I have to say about THAT.

  4. Lol…love it…..you have come along way baby! Customer Service is something hard too find and that should be what a business is all about….I can totally relate to your blog…you go girl! Love you!

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