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Can I Be Serious For A Second? Maybe Ten?

You know who I love? This man, this song…and this CD.

I’m old, so what. Maybe old-school, but please don’t ever call this almost 34 year old girl old. When I’m 83, I will not be old either while I drive around in my Hoveround. I’m glad we have that cleared up…

Today was, ya know, one of those days. Not the kind of day that leaves your head spinning and your nerves on edge. The type of day that fills your heart with overwhelming love, unimaginable thankfulness, and sheer grace.

I had to sit down and take a moment to just…think. And give thanks.

The song above came on and I just let the tears fall. Over emotional today, Val? Perhaps. But having an ugly cry felt beyond amazing.

As I’ve spoken many times before, my life is nut-so on a daily basis. Homeschooling, working, writing, wife duties, me duties, mom duties…should I keep going? I am guilty of not taking a step back and looking at the big picture of life. Of the life that has been given to me and the ones that I love.

An email from a stranger arrived in my work inbox today. An email that sent my head spinning and my heart racing as I put down my red pen on the History test I was grading at the time. That test could wait. The email simply couldn’t.

Intimate. That was the email that I got. Not weird intimate, but woman to woman, friend to friend…stranger to stranger. A person who I “know” only through a computer screen, but who trusted me with a dark heart that was grasping for hope.

So I had my ugly cry and then I sat for a long time…alone. Giving thanks. Because there have been countless times in my life that I have been called to serve someone else. That’s my gift from my Heavenly Father…serving. And I do my very best to use that gift in the best, humanly way I know possible. Sometimes it’s in the words that I write, in the way that I speak, or in the actions that I portray.

Today I realized something. Perhaps it’s my reminder to stop…slow down…and remember that life is fleeting.

Savor it. Serve it. To all.

Be Blessed,


3 thoughts on “Can I Be Serious For A Second? Maybe Ten?”

  1. Love those days to..Giving thanks is something I do more and more…God is so awesome….HE is the reason we have hope….HE is the reason we are writing and awakening to what HE has created us to do….
    I totally loved this ahha moment you gave us….
    ❤ Auntie Carol

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