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Red & Blue Make Purple…That’s How I Envision This Presidential Election


Let’s be honest…if you aren’t tired of the political ads then apparently you are the one designing them.

I don’t need to hear that Mr. Joe Blow hates that Mr. John Smith voted to stock pale pink polo shirts on the racks at Target for the 2004 summer season which caused an infiltration of ugly shirts being worn by the general public to their friend’s weddings that year.

I don’t care to hear that Mr. Harry Armpits dislikes the fact that Mr. Fred Wanne-be Flintstone voted to hide gecko lizards in the walls of the White House to avoid any more disastrous Geico commercials for car insurance because…well, he prefers frogs over geckos.

I have my political, religious, general opinions about this amazing world we live in, but I choose to keep those opinions to myself…or perhaps, strictly in heated conversations held between my husband and I only. Or, sometimes the made up characters in my head. Moving on….{Hush George Nelson, you are not part of this conversation. Tell Annie Messing we’ll discuss things in the writings of my next book later.} <—-See? That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Either way, I say this…


Red + Blue = Purple

Whichever political party you choose to support, remember…

We are all one nation. One people united together. Let’s think before we judge.

It is not wrong to support who you trust, envision as a leader, or relate to their tactics for this country. We live in America! This is a beautiful, given right to each and every one of us. How amazing is that?

But remember, your neighbor’s opinion does not always coincide with yours. Sometimes I think we forget that, choosing to lash out or bash the other person’s beliefs with a “Seriously? You’re voting for that moron?”

Watch your step, watch your words.

Fight for what you believe in, but do it with honor. It isn’t honorable to hate another for their beliefs in life.

This was my one and only political post on Facebook today. You know that my twisted sense of humor reigns…hello? How else would this very busy mother of three stay sane without it?

Whoever is elected president, this country has a long way to go…to recover. We have tumbled down a long hard road, and we have a ways to catch up. But we aren’t going to pull this country back together with JUST a president.

It’s going to take the beliefs, the wisdom and the courage to come together as a nation…despite our differences, to win this war.

Love thy neighbor as thyself. Mark 12:31

To see change, you must be willing TO change. Start by changing yourself and the way you perceive your neighbor. Have you ever thought about what others think of you?

That’s why I vote for purple. This great nation has to push aside their differences to make a difference. I wear purple proudly today. Do you?

Go Vote!


4 thoughts on “Red & Blue Make Purple…That’s How I Envision This Presidential Election”

  1. I love you. Kum-bah-yah….pass the peace pipe… and the yoga pants. 🙂 and my RED t-shirt. (it’s for Texas Tech, you know!)

    1. Absolutely, Catherine! I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s easy to forget that though these days, ya know? I’ve just really tried to remind myself and teach my children, that this country won’t ever WORK unless we WORK together. Period.

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