Random Thoughts From An Avid Author

Guilty Pleasures of a Stay At Home Mom


First and foremost, if I don’t have anywhere important to go (i.e. business meeting for my awesome job, lunch with my husband, etc.) I LIVE in black yoga pants and my favorite Nike tennis shoes. No, I don’t have sparkles surrounding me when I wear my comfy ensemble, but my photo editing software thinks I do. Coolness…


Watching my youngest read along in his US History book with his online homeschool video. THIS is one of the many reasons why I love schooling my kids at home. He’s in the office with me to ask questions when needed, he can relax and be a kid (feet on the desk IS allowed in class as long as you are concentrating), there are no distractions…just focus. And if any of my children want to take their math test while lying on the floor, propped up with a pillow while drinking a juice box, I say “Go for it!” All I want for my children is to further their eduction while making learning fun. A little imagination and “feet propping” during school hours is acceptable in this household. Hey, it’s how I write!


I indulge, yes. I have a Chai Tea Latte EVERY afternoon made with vanilla soy milk, a heaping teaspoon of brown sugar, and two Black Chai teabags. It’s like a cup of heaven…I mean it, it is!


There are no words needed here. There simply isn’t any good enough…What an amazing show that I am totally hooked on! An episode of this goes along nice with my afternoon Chai. Oh Lady Mary, the drama, oh the drama!

Chocolate Chips

I have to admit, chocolate, especially chocolate chips, is my weakness! I buy bags of chocolate chips to snack on, not to bake with. I’m sure my family wishes differently, but I’m sorry, I need my secret chocolate stash. *Please do no look in the top drawer of my desk, husband or children who might be reading this.

What are your guilty pleasures? Not just as a writer, a mom, a dad…but as a person? I’d love to hear them!

Love and Chocolate Kisses ~


2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures of a Stay At Home Mom”

    1. Oh my, yoga pants are the bomb! So easy, so comfortable, and completely versatile.I need a gray pair! My favorite brand is by Lulu.com. Check them out. When you can find them on sale, they are so worth the buy! They last forever and don’t fade very quickly.

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