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Rincon, Roosters, Ziplining and Fire Ants

This post…a mix of serious with a sense of humor. If you know us, then there is no reason to explain the humorous side of our family vacations. There are ALWAYS stories to tell when it comes to the King family. Never fails. So, here it goes…

WOW. There are no other words to describe this week’s vacation in Puerto Rico. My family and I have fallen deeply in love with this place. I mean, ridiculously in love with the majestic world of this unbelievable place. If we didn’t have family back home or dear friends, then there’s a good chance we’d choose not to return to Texas. Totally serious…stop laughing; I hear your snickering! 😉

Hubby and I have talked about buying some rental property in the vacinity to Rincon. YES, that’s how much we enjoy this place.

I have been fortunate enough to take some pretty amazing vacations in my life, and I love city life, beach life and everything in between. But this…oh my stars…it just doesn’t compare.

This week has been an eye opener for me. As a deep thinker (hello, author here!! we think deep…all the time), my eyes have been opened to one thing…


That’s the best word to describe Rincon and the surrounding area. We’ve learned so much about the culture here. Here are a few facts about Puerto Rico.

– The average yearly income here is $15,000

– 45% of the population live below poverty level

– More than half the population is on some type of government funding (food stamps)

– Houses range from nice mansions to very small stucco houses with only a few rooms

But there is one lesson I have learned, and vow to bring home with me. These people are some of the most humble human beings you’ll ever meet. They are grateful for life, for family, and the beauty of just living. Materialism is almost non-existent here. Seeing an iPhone in ANYONE’S hands who isn’t a tourist isn’t seen much at all.

The locals will smile at you, wave hello, welcome you graciously into their world expecting nothing in return. These people don’t stand with their hands open like so many Americans do. Selfishness…isn’t here. Period. Instead, the locals offer what little they have.

This has been a wonderful lesson for our three boys. They are great, great kids who have learned the value of a dollar, but they see how different life is here. There are no media rooms with projectors, Xbox 360’s, etc. Kids PLAY with balls outside, the neighbor kids…there is no sitting in front of a TV. With the beauty here, there is no need. NO NEED.

On to our wonderous (and remotely humorous) adventure this week!

Snorkeling here is amaze-balls. The water is warm, clear, and the fish look like something out of Finding Nemo. We went to a coral reef marine preserve yesterday here in Rincon. Little Adison is deathly afraid of sea urchins. So much so, he tries to walk around them with swim shoes on. Thanks to his big brothers, who told them they were poisonous and could kill you in one poke, he’s afraid they are going to reach out and grab him. Sibling love right there, folks…

Austen jammed his left knee into a piece of coral and is now sporting a gouged out gross battle wound. We have him bandaged like a war hero. Good times…

Wild dogs running down the street, in front of the car, is prominent everywhere. Nina and Brownie live next to us apparently. It’s fun hearing their master yell, “Nina, venir aqui!” <—Nina come here! at 5:30am every morning. Nina, please go to your master before we wring your neck. Just kidding, Nina. Sorta…

Roosters…*&$% roosters. I’m convinced the people here are deaf to crowing. I hate crowing. I’m coming back vegan after this trip. I offically hate chickens. Sorry KFC…

Lucky 13 Resteraunt…best tacos on the island! Cool, tattoed guy(from head to toe) from the east coast who moved here to start his own resteraunt. He’s traveled the globe as a chef and ended up in Rincon. Unbelievable food. We plan on going back one more time before we leave. Delish…

Ziplining today! One of the best experiences of my life! Batey Ziplining Tours in Puerto Rico…Do it! This is an offical advertising post for them. Nicest, coolest people ever. Worth the money, and the time. We took a 4 1/2 tour today. Don’t regret a single piece of it.

1) I am TOTALLY afraid of heights. Driving to said Batey Ziplining left me wanting to pee my pants and puke at the same time. People here drive like bats out of he-double hockey sticks on two lane mountain roads with no guard rails. My knuckles were white by the time we hit the turnoff for Batey.

Once we turned off, the ONE LANE road instructed us to honk the entire way to avoid having a front in collision with someone coming down the hill. Superb.This one lane road was very treacherous. We had to stop at one point for a peacock to cross the road in front of us. I saw him laughing at our frightened stupidity. I bet he’s friends with the rooster next door to our condo…

2) My first experience with ziplining was getting stung by a band of vicious fire ants before I even had my dadgum helmet on. The peacock and the rooster put them there on purpose, I just know it. Turds…

3) We had 2 other groups with us: Two ladies named Gigi and Tricia. They were from Oklahoma City, nice couple, total cutups who taught me how to make my own organic detergent on our walk up a hill to the first zip line. Vegetarians who thought I was interesting. We’re best friends now…

The second group…well, we have officially named the dad “Mr. Parole” and his two kids. He was from New Hampshire. Um, as we walked across a suspension bridge (where I about puked for a second time) he friended Darren. Darren attracts some “interesting” friends sometimes. The conversation went something like this…

Darren: “Where you from?”

Mr. Parole: “New Hampshire. Love it here. This is about the only place I vacation.”

Darren: “Why’s that?”

Mr. Parole: “My parole officer won’t let me go any farther than Puerto Rico, so I just bring my kids here. Their mother is a piece of work. I’m divorced. Got a girlfriend. You know, it’s all good here.”


Mr. Parole: “Yeah man, drugs…they’ll mess your sh*t up.”

Oh, well this will be a fun 4 hours! I asked Darren later if he asked him to be Facebook friends…

What an experience. Best DAY Ever.

Tomorrow…the beach. Only three days left. Makes me sad. Maybe I’ll bring the rooster home with me.

Hugs from Puerto Rico ~


1 thought on “Rincon, Roosters, Ziplining and Fire Ants”

  1. Wow! What a Glorious Adventure! Paraguay opened my eyes and I loved it! Glad y’all are having fun….have a safe and smooth flight home! xOxOxO
    Love you, Auntie Carol

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