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An Open Letter To The Glitch Mob From a Tired Mother In Dallas


@editbeats, @ooah, @boreta ~

The above is how I refer to you three sweet guys. I am an Instagram fanatic, so “@” symbol names are as good as royalty titles. Word.

I use “sweet” loosely since I don’t know any of you personally, but when motherhood hits you in the face everyone becomes “sweetie”, “love”, “sweetheart” and “pookey bear”. Seriously. Just go ask your moms…

I am attending your concert tonight in Dallas at The House of Blues. My oldest son is quite enthralled with your music. Never in a million years did I ever think I’d be telling the ladies at book club, “Yes Beverly, I heard the Elton John concert was incredibly amazing!” (Takes a looonnnnggg sip of wine…) “I am really looking forward to seeing this epic concert on March 24th though. I mean, sheesh, Β Elton John is the bomb, but The Glitch Mob, girl you don’t know what music IS until you’ve heard these beats!” <—-I’m sure this sentence just aged me 20 years in your eyes.


I admit, you are on my repeated playlist on my iPhone. Secondly, I even have a Spotify station dedicated to you. You are quite special to this mother who sings “Beauty of the Unhidden Heart” in the car on the way to Target to buy dog biscuits and hydrating shampoo…

This morning, I told myself I was going to sleep in. Your concert starts at 9pm tonight. Who scheduled this? An 18 year old? I go to bed at 9:30 each night to watch one re-run of Modern Family, and one re-run of Friends. This is my schedule, and I don’t like changing it. Tonight I will be forced to miss my old person motherhood schedule to drive 45 minutes to bring my 13 year old son to see his favorite group ever. When you are a parent, you do crazy things; things you used to do as a teenager. Except instead of binge drinking, you stay out late to take your teen to see The Blades. I don’t know what The Blades are, but I’m guessing it doesn’t have anything to do with a Skintimate commercial…Just a hunch.

There is a trip planned to 7-Eleven to buy a Red Bull before tonight’s venture. The only time I drink these carbonated beverages from Hades is when my husband and I go to Vegas each year. Alone. Without kids. To do things without kids. Like, sleep in late and play The Wizard of Oz slot machine. Because everyone knows that Dorothy’s red shoes means the bonus round is commencing and you might win $20 bucks even though you just wasted $60 WAITING for the bonus round…I’m getting off topic…

It is also Monday. I hate Mondays as it is. Although your concert this evening will make my Monday a little brighter, it is going to cause my Tuesday to stink like spoiled chicken. I am convinced tomorrow night my old person motherhood bedtime will be closer to 7:30, thus forcing me to miss my re-runs. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. Maybe The Blades will convince me otherwise. We’ll see, sweet ones…

My children and I saw Imagine Dragons last month in Dallas. We also had the pleasure of meeting Nico Vega, and spent a bit of time conversing with Aja Volkman. When my oldest son told her how much he loved her vocals on your new album, her sincere nod and, “Nice. Thank you so much! You’ve got great taste in music, my friend…seriously,” has been the topic of MANY conversations at the dinner table ever since. So much so, I want to tape his mouth shut at times. I’m kidding, not really…(clearing throat)

So, I am already aware that I will probably be the oldest person attending your concert this evening. I am okay with that, I suppose. We’ve been listening to you since before the dawn of time, so it’s only right that we come and experience who you are in person. No, we will not wait for you in the back alley standing around like weirdos, wishing to scream, “Oh My Gaw, it’s The Glitch Mob! Like, you guys are totally freakin’ awesome, here, can you please sign my forehead for me?”, but we will come and support your music.

Because you’re kinda cool… Not “kinda”, you’re cooler than a fat kid in a candy store, let’s keep it real. I will be a zombie tomorrow for you with pupils the size of dinner plates because of the amount of coffee I will inhale, literally, to stay awake. But more importantly, I’ll have a kid who got to experience the explosive encounter of hearing The Glitch Mob live. And for me, that’s enough. Because this is what moms do for their kids. At least, I do. Please don’t forget that I’m missing my old person motherhood bedtime for you though. There is true meaning in this. Dedication and respect, right there. This is incredibly important. I expect The Blades to keep me awake…

P.S. I hope you don’t have any future encounters with noisy refrigerators. They are quite annoying, aren’t they?

T.G.M. (otherwise known as, The Good Mother) –




I am so honored, and so immensely blessed to have received so many comments, posts and emails pertaining to this blog post from all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am truly humbled, amazed, grateful, and genuinely thankful for The Glitch Mob. I owe them the world, and then some. My son and I were so blessed to get to meet the members of the Mob in person before their set this past Monday night in Dallas. They were incredibly sweet, and truly kind in every way possible. A night my son and I will never forget. Ever.

#GlitchMom for life,



34 thoughts on “An Open Letter To The Glitch Mob From a Tired Mother In Dallas”

  1. Valerie: I am a GlitchMama as well (the mom of @Boreta)…..I absolute adore your letter and understand completely. I have been to their shows that start a midnight…..and gotten home at 4am…..it then takes me three days to recuperate! As you said, we do it for our kids! Boreta’s grandma (age 84) will be rocking it at the San Francisco show in May! Thank you so much for this letter………

    1. Jo,
      You are a sweetheart. Thank you, thank you for this sweet note. I have three boys. All adore music, but my oldest Alex, has listened to The Glitch Mob for a very long time. My husband and I both believe in “experiences” over “things”, with our boys. Memories are worth more than a computer game or an expensive toy. Our children are only children for a little while. There are moments, like today, that I will remember forever and so will my son. That is worth more than all the treasures of the world. But I know you know that. πŸ™‚
      Kids get their awesomeness from their mothers. True story. Wikipedia told me.

      Hugs from one #GlitchMom to another ~

  2. Hope you really enjoy the concert tonight. I can tell you, as one of the Glitch’s mother, is one of my dear friends. I have met her son and he is an incredible young man, and she tells me the other two are as sweet or sweeter than her son. Great Band, Great Human Beings!

  3. Love this! Wish my mom understood my love for music – we haven’t been to a show since Backstreet Boys when I was 14. And let’s be honest – that was for her more than it was for me. I hope it was worth it! πŸ˜€

    1. It was fantastic! They put on a great show, honestly. I have loved music immensely since I was very young. I have passed that love onto my children, and in return, they have introduced me to some pretty incredible artists because of it. The Glitch Mob being one of them.

      Thanks for the sweet comment!

      ~ Val

  4. My kids introduced me to great music in 2004. In 2006 they got me out to my first-ever club show. Six weeks later we made a road-trip for Warped Tour. Today I am an arts & entertainment journalist who started out in music – alternative, pop-punk, dance rock, indie, electronica and pop (not the stuff on the radio). The past four years, I’ve provided press coverage at my local stop of Warped Tour. I’ve met some great artists and experienced their great music. My signature line to most of them is “Yes. Yes I am old enough to be your mom.”. Have an awesome time. I’m so glad you’ve discovered that no one is required to limit your music appreciation to that of your teen years. There is great stuff in every generation and we can all enjoy it. πŸ™‚

    1. This…This comment totally made my day. An arts & entertainment journalist? That is amazing. What an awesome job, my friend.

      Love your signature line by the way. πŸ˜‰

      Big hugs from Texas!

      ~ Val

  5. I’ve been in your shoes. In 2011 my wife and I took our 13 year old to see The Glitch Mob at a club in Tampa. We were – by what seemed a geometric factor – the oldest people there. The show didn’t start until after midnight, and was over sometime between 3 and 4am – but it made a huge impact on him. Since that show Jack’s interest in music has been boundless – it’s what he wants to do. He now creates his own remixes and offers to DJ any party he gets invited to. That’s the influence that a Glitch Mob show had on him. So you’re doing the right thing. Sit back, enjoy the show, and start saving your money for PA and Ableton software.

    1. Joe,

      Thank you so much for the comment! My son is similar to yours. He adores technology immensely and appreciates music, all forms of it.

      As I mentioned in a comment above, giving our kids “experiences” over “things” is very important to my husband and I. They will ALWAYS remember the moments spent together. The concert this past Monday night, is one of those moments.

      Keep rockin’!

      ~ Val

  6. I just did the same for my 16 year. I drove a little more than 4 1/2 hours for the Portland ME show. They were awesome. Work the next couple of days was brutal. We got home at 2:30 am and I had to be at work at 5:45 am. But it was so totally worth it. My son (and myself) loved every minute of the show.

    1. I am still catching up three days later. LOL! Yet every moment of the concert was memorable this past Monday.

      We were able to meet The Glitch Mob. They are not only great musicians, they are also very humble and respectable young men. Very personable guys. My son was smitten, to say the least. I have to admit, so was I.

      ~ Val

  7. I have to say that this letter has given me faith in the hopes of one day becoming a mother. I enjoyed this letter so much I read it twice! I hope you guys enjoy yourselves and I’m sure you have a grateful/appreciative son (if he isn’t now I’m sure he will be later).

    1. Jessica,

      Thank you for your sweet comment. My son has adored The Glitch Mob since 2010. It was amazing to see them in concert this past Monday night in Dallas. It was even more amazing to meet them before their set. Great guys, with big hearts for their fans. No doubt.

      I wish you all the very best! Great big hugs from Texas…

      ~ Val

  8. Wow, this is pretty incredible. My mom would’ve told me to have a good time and be safe (not that that makes her a bad mother, she just has different tastes.) But really, it’s awesome that you took your son and stayed with him to create such an experience I’m sure he’ll remember for the rest of his life. YOU ROCK. (:

    1. Bryan,

      You rock too! Thanks for the comment. It was an amazing night, no doubt. I have loved music since I was very young, and vowed to pass that love onto my children. My kids are now the ones introducing me to some pretty incredible bands these days. The Glitch Mob being one of them. Very talented guys on so many levels.

      It is a moment in time neither my son, nor I, will ever forget.

      ~ Val

  9. Much love to the moms everywhere taking their kids to shows!!

    I look back fondly on nights where my mom would drop me off, or in the rare occasion attend, and tolerate me running around Colfax.

    1. Andy,

      9pm is like 2am in the world of busy moms. In my younger days, my night would have just been getting started. Kids have a way of changing your bedtime schedule. Yet, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Monday night was worth the 3am bedtime, fully. My son agrees. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the comment!

      ~ Val

  10. As a 24 year old guy who digs live music, I can honestly say that this made me laugh, and melted my heart. Someday, if I become a father, I hope I can pass a passion for music to my kids, and learn something about it from them as well. I wish my parents had been a bit more open to my music tastes. I love the bajeesus out of my mom and dad, but they never quite took to the ‘modern’ music.
    Going along with that, I’ve never thought about shows from a parent’s view. I’m still young and can still stay up until 6 with no issues. This was rather eye-opening. Thank you!

    1. Will,

      When you have kids, staying up until 6am becomes a past time unless your child is puking, has had a nightmare, has monsters in their closet, or can’t find their blankie. Although, the joy of parenthood is worth it times a million. I truly mean that.

      Thank you for your comment! Music is a true work of art. I have loved music since I was very young, and I vowed to pass that love onto my children. I have, and I am so blessed by that. I have also passed along the love of books to them as well. I am a published fiction author, so it’s only right that music buffs + bookworms go hand and hand in this household. πŸ˜‰

      Wish you all the best my friend!

      ~ Val

  11. Love this. I too am a GlitchMama and have seen them with my 18 yr old at Red Rocks. An amazing experience! This year I will see them sans kids for 2 nights at the Fillmore in Denver and cannot wait. Love experiencing music with my kids and without. Either way its great to share good music with each other. Snaps to ya Mama!!!

    1. Snaps back to ya, Mama! Thanks for the sweet, sweet comment. If you ever have a chance to meet the guys, you’ll be in for a treat. Beyond personable, and super nice.

      From one #GlitchMom to another ~

  12. Awesome letter. As one of the guys responsible for building, maintaining and running the ‘Blade,’ I have to say that The Glitch Mob is the most genuine, positive and caring group I have worked for in my 18 years in this business. Their amazing attitudes have restored my faith in music. CAN”T WAIT TO GET TO COACHELLA!!!!!

    1. This is awesome. Thank you so much for the comment! It really was a pleasure meeting the guys. Truly.
      If they maintain their respect and genuine gratefulness towards their fans as their career soars, which it will…no doubt, they can expect an extremely successful life. Not just in music, but in humility. I wish more music artists were like Glitch.
      Great guys, great hearts. What a cool job you have, by the way!

      Hugs from the #GlitchMom in Big Tex ~

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