Released June 21st, 2012

In a world where guardian angels walk, temptation roams. Enemies lurk.

She vows to protect, yet she yearns to love.

Macy Louise Milligan lives in a wealthy society ruled by secrecy in New York City. A world of light given to those in darkness when a quiet promise is spoken . Her decision to follow her family’s legacy of Guardianship is an honor, until she is handed Evan Williamson’s name.

Does she learn to love the one who is right for her, or break a vow to be with the one who is forbidden?

A fast-paced, short story tale of desire, deceit and a costly secret.



Released December 10th, 2012

I never knew when death would come knocking on my door. Eventually it would grasp hold of me, but my mind had calculated the number ninety-two. I would die an old man. Having lived a pleasant and happy life I would reach out to my Maker with open arms on the day that my chest rose with its final breath. As I walked toward heaven, I would praise Him and thank Him for all He had given me in my ninety-two years. I would leave this earth with no reprieve.

But God had something completely different in store for me, for my family. My Mother and Father would lose a son. My two sisters would lose their baby brother. My friends would mourn my passing and my family would question God’s intentions. I would die a young man. Twenty-one…not ninety-two.

Life would go on…I would be absent yet present.

Written in loving memory of Andrew Pacocha. Son, brother, friend, neighbor….Cancer is ugly, but God’s grace is beautiful.

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