Marketing Methods For Authors

New author? Established author? Marketing is a key piece to making your book a success. Tell the world who you are!

1) Check out Awesome exposure for as little as $10. I recommend running a campaign 1x per month to bring people to your personal/book Facebook page hence pulling them into to current or future customers pool. Wildfire has worked wonders for my clients and is so much cheaper than Facebook ads. Giveaways can also be connected to your website and Twitter pages as well.

2) Word of mouth is the best marketing tool! Share your stories….write more stories. I have written several short stories that can be found on iTunes or downloaded from They are less than 600 words each, but in less than a month I’ve had more than 100 downloads and my web hits have increased. You can write and submit any story, any size, for any amount of money. But, having a few free finds out there will help boost your awareness. Who are you? Let the public find you.

3) Check out these sites and consider paying for a review if the budget allows. &

4) Get creative. Pray for marketing insight. Not many people know my story, yet I made the national and international news in early 2009. I had about 24 hours of fame…being called by The Sun newspaper in London, receiving a phone call from Inside Edition and interviewed by the Dallas Morning News and our local news networks. My story even hit Good Morning America.

Still have questions? Feel free to leave a comment below. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Life is a busy street for me, but know that I will reach out to you.

Best of luck on your quest of writing! We all have a story to tell, yet there are only a select few of us who ever decide to put it on paper.

Happy Storytelling,


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