Running Is My Therapy Session

This is my therapy session everyday. I’ve found it is the best way to clear my jumbled mind. But it is also a great way to just THINK. Sometimes I get way too caught up in things that need to be done, errands that need to be run, deadlines that need to be met or bills that need to be paid. When I run, I let the surroundings pull me in…which in all honesty, creates some pretty cool thoughts and emotions when it comes to writing.

Despite the great ideas and mind clarity, I am currently dealing with this.

Sore knees and shin splints are for the birds…or the out of shape peeps like myself.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. I find myself repeating this throughout my run everyday, although by the end of the first mile…thoughts of hate tend to override the “loving” feelings for such agony.

Yet when I arrive back home, red faced, sweaty, stinkin’ like a garbage can, I feel refreshed and totally renewed.

The bunny has nothing to do with this post. My random thoughts have flowed over this afternoon…I just thought he was too cute! He reminds me that LOVE is such a beautiful thing and HATE is not. Wonder if he’d fit in the pocket of my running shirt? Perhaps I’d love running a little more if he came with me. 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!



Shocked As The Reality Soaks In…


I’ve been waiting months to finally shout the words from my rooftop. Edits are complete. I have written, re-written and written again…and maybe written once more. The Gift of Fate will be sent to the publisher for formatting and shortly thereafter…printing by next week.

I have spent many long nights over the past few weeks perfecting every inch of the story leaving me tired with an aching back from sitting too long. A bag of half eaten chocolate truffles and a cold coffee mug stare back at me as I type this. Caffeine…it keeps an author going. 🙂

But here I stand, complete. Finally.

This morning at 7am I made one slight change in the story. A reference to the song Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. Why? You’ll find out soon enough when you turn to page 31. I flipped on Pandora after making my one final change. Two songs in to my streaming feed of “Adele”, Don’t Stop Believin’ began to play. No doubt, no lie.

I have never stopped believing and never will. Book 2 of the Fatum Saga swirls in my mind this afternoon. I have already started the story and know where it will end.

Until then, The Gift of Fate is finally coming to life. The story finally unfolds before me as I hold my manuscript with tears streaming down my face. I have worked so hard for this. My fate, my destiny is finally so very clear.

A huge thank you to so many people. Where do I begin? First and foremost, my husband. You helped me discover my story nearly 7 months ago. Thanks for understanding that an empty bed has given me the opportunity to write as you drift off to dream elsewhere. I sat awake at 1am so many nights putting my dreams on paper while you counted sheep. I love you.

My kids ~ When the office doors were closed you’d stand in front of the door, nose pressed up against the glass wondering when Mommy would finally put her pen down. Your patience and “learn to make your own snack ability” allowed me to finish something dedicated to you. You have all shown me what living a dream is like. You ARE my dreams come true.

My parents ~ Dad, I know you don’t get the ooey-gooey romance scenes but you encouraged me to move forward  anyway. You and mom have been so supportive as I’ve watched you cheering me on from the sidelines over the past year.

Athena ~ You know how amazing you are. I tell you all the time. Thanks for believing in me. We’ve been friends for 12 years now although I feel like I’ve known you for 33. My fate was to know you. XO

TG & RG ~ You brought me here by saying “YES!” two years ago. Your yes instilled courage in the heart of girl who didn’t think her writing and creativity was good enough. Opportunity brought me here. The opportunity you gave me.

To countless others (there are too many to mention!) ~ Thank you for weighing in on my writing, encouraging me, praying for me and simply believing in the words that I can easily spill across a page. This book is for you.

And finally, don’t forget who you are. Your fate is held within your hands. Choose how to  handle it, decide where it will take you..but know that home is truly where your heart resides.