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Pottery Barn Fall Catalog 2012…Cue the Holiday Music and Make-Believe Elves


I know. I’m late with this installment. Welcome to my life. I’ve had this post envisioned for over a week now.

So, FINALLY here I sit, in my yoga pants, no make-up and Pandora rocking the confines of my office as I hum along to Mr. Mister. <— Remember…I’m an 80’s girl fanatic!

The unrealistic photography of Pottery Barn continues to boggle this Texas girl’s mind. Let’s look over page 20, class. I’ll wait while you get your catalog. {drumming fingers on the desk}

1) I’m not sure why they chose Snow White’s house to use as their backdrop. 99.9% of us don’t live in house like this. If I did, I’d never leave…because it looks AWESOME…and expensive. I bet one of the Kardashian’s lives here…or Mick Jagger.

2) The pinecone wreath on the door is fabulous, despite the $99 price tag. I’ll just walk over to my neighbors house, steal their pinecones out of their yard, and make the same wreath. Minus the ugly gold deer antlers glued to said pinecones. What do antlers and pinecones have to do with one another? I wonder if a vegetarian would hang this wreath on their door…..

3) The lanterns on the steps are interesting. Especially since they are lit with tea light candles during the middle of the day. I want to know what housewife would go out every morning and light these suckers! Oh, and the lanterns are $69 for the medium size and $129 for the large. According to this photo, said housewife spent $852 on lanterns for her PORCH. I’m guessing she’s single. If I spent this much on lanterns, my husband would kill me. I would do the same to him if he bought a “make your own beer” kit at Home Depot…

4) A sleigh with perfectly wrapped brown paper and twine presents sitting on the sidewalk. UPS missed leaving these parcels on the porch. He must of been afraid of breaking the $852 lanterns left carelessly on the steps. {rolling eyes}

5) Two words ~ Fake Snow. Someone got a little crazy with the cotton candy machine on this one…

We will be discussing page 35 next week. OH YES, it is worth discussing. {giggle}

Cheers {and Pottery Barn high-fives} ~



The Belongings of an Author

There are so many things that contribute to my writings as an author. And, it’s not just the creative thoughts whirling from my mind ninety miles an hour 24/7.

How many of you can relate to these examples? Whether you are a writer, musician, artist or anything in between…what helps to get your creative juices flowing? Share with me! It’s all about learning from one another.

1) Snacks

I always have to munch on something while writing. Yes, I do choose healthy things too…like carrots, cottage cheese with pears and celery sticks with pimento. I decided not to share a pic of my highly unorganized fridge today though. 🙂

2) Pandora

Pandora…brilliant. The artist I find myself listening to the most is Jason Reeves. He has played many a song for me while writing The Gift of Fate.  His album “The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache – And Other Frightening Tales” is incredible. Deserves a listen! I also love listening to The Beatles and Adele.

3) Books

One must read to write…This is only a very small amount of books that I currently own.

4) Lists

What does it take to be successful at achieving your dreams? All of the above…plus so much more. Never ever take no for an answer. Be you…be great.



The Followers of an Author

Authors write because you follow.

It’s as simple and complicated as that.

I have to write. It’s my escape route from the real world. It’s a road I travel often, yet I never tire of the scenery that passes by the windows of my mind.  I don’t want to leave my stories tucked in a drawer somewhere or left alone on the disk drive of my computer. I want to share my stories with the ones who have chosen to walk the highway of my mind along with me.

When I hear my iPhone ding, I’m like Pavlov’s dog. I HAVE to see what it is and who it’s from. When the letters spell out “WordPress” in the title, I will admit…I do a few fist pumps. I love seeing that someone has commented, liked or chosen to follow this Texas girl. That’s awesome. It’s pretty incredible to know that someone, somewhere on this great planet has read what I’ve written.

I will always follow back. Why? Because that’s how I roll. What you say and write is important to me. I exist because of you. If I could give you the world, I would. Instead, I hope my heart and appreciation is enough.


P.S. Yes, I have a slight addiction to the Instagram photo app. Why do you ask? 😉


The Desires of an Author

The desires of an author…I think they are different for each of us. My desire? To share my stories. I feel guilty keeping them to myself. If they are as great on paper as they are in my mind, then I know you deserve to hear them.

Writing to an author is like gasoline to a car. A car needs gas to get you places. I need to write to take me places. To pull me away from reality every now and then. I want to step into my characters world as often as I can. When I don’t have time to write…I feel lost.

Very few authors say they write for money. Making a living at writing would be fabulous, please don’t get me wrong. I would love to be a best-selling author with a fluffy bank account, being able to pull my husband out of the corporate world and travel the globe with my children showing them the many cultures that live on this great planet. More importantly, I would relish the opportunity to meet those who love stepping into my 50,000+ word worlds. Fans are a very important piece of why I do this. That is one part of my life I will never ever take for granted.

But, I have to be realistic too. It’s a tough business. It’s hard to be “noticed”, rejection is a part of an author’s job title, you are constantly told you aren’t good enough and recognition rarely happens overnight. But those of us who stick with it will often find satisfaction in the writing world eventually. In many different forms.

If you are an author, why do you write? If you are an artist, why do you create?

Passion paves roads. I have many passions. Writing is certainly one of them. When you are passionate about what you do, it’s amazing what you’ll find at the end of your rainbow.