Random Thoughts From An Avid Author

Guilty Pleasures of a Stay At Home Mom


First and foremost, if I don’t have anywhere important to go (i.e. business meeting for my awesome job, lunch with my husband, etc.) I LIVE in black yoga pants and my favorite Nike tennis shoes. No, I don’t have sparkles surrounding me when I wear my comfy ensemble, but my photo editing software thinks I do. Coolness…


Watching my youngest read along in his US History book with his online homeschool video. THIS is one of the many reasons why I love schooling my kids at home. He’s in the office with me to ask questions when needed, he can relax and be a kid (feet on the desk IS allowed in class as long as you are concentrating), there are no distractions…just focus. And if any of my children want to take their math test while lying on the floor, propped up with a pillow while drinking a juice box, I say “Go for it!” All I want for my children is to further their eduction while making learning fun. A little imagination and “feet propping” during school hours is acceptable in this household. Hey, it’s how I write!


I indulge, yes. I have a Chai Tea Latte EVERY afternoon made with vanilla soy milk, a heaping teaspoon of brown sugar, and two Black Chai teabags. It’s like a cup of heaven…I mean it, it is!


There are no words needed here. There simply isn’t any good enough…What an amazing show that I am totally hooked on! An episode of this goes along nice with my afternoon Chai. Oh Lady Mary, the drama, oh the drama!

Chocolate Chips

I have to admit, chocolate, especially chocolate chips, is my weakness! I buy bags of chocolate chips to snack on, not to bake with. I’m sure my family wishes differently, but I’m sorry, I need my secret chocolate stash. *Please do no look in the top drawer of my desk, husband or children who might be reading this.

What are your guilty pleasures? Not just as a writer, a mom, a dad…but as a person? I’d love to hear them!

Love and Chocolate Kisses ~


Random Thoughts From An Avid Author

7 Reasons Why I’m Voting Starbucks For President This Year

Let me make myself clear upfront…I’m not a political person. I’m not attacking anyone, judging anyone, I’m just looking for a little light humor and happiness in this crazy world. Sanity runs thin over here. I am blessed beyond belief, but I do think change is desperately needed in this great country of ours. I do think most of you will agree with me on that. (gulp) At least I hope so!

I am a Starbucks junkie. Grande Soy Chai Tea Latte gal right here.

So, why am I voting for Starbucks for President this year?

  1. The fluctuating gas prices. Starbucks has increased their prices as well, but we still go. Yeah, I’m talking to you! You’re searching for pennies under your couch cushions or walking the beach with your snazzy metal detector, all to pay for that luscious cup of heaven. Perhaps if raising the price of gas because, well…Bob over at the government offices said too because the aliens on Planet Zargon sent him a memo, was reasoned with “Buy a gallon of gas get a free Grande Peppermint Mocha, No Whip, Extra Hot” at every gas station across America, we might have less of an issue. Heck, I’d go get gas everyday for that!
  2. Ethical. For 6 years Starbucks has received the WME Award (World’s Most Ethical Companies) for living up to ethical business standards and practices internally today. That’s a fun word to say…Ethical…Say it with me, E-T-H-I-C-A-L. Is it ethical to brush the cat when he destroyed my red silk drapes yesterday? How about, is it ethical to wear a bikini top to Walmart with back boobs and bike shorts?
  3. They offer great health insurance. Can we all sign up for Starbuck’s health insurance policy? They should have a “Devoted Customer’s Awesome Insurance Plan Because You Rock And We Care”. Healthcare crisis? Hello! Knock, knock…you there government?! Let Starbucks handle it. You know, with a “Buy a policy get a free latte machine” and stuff. Incentive people, incentive…make me REALLY want that $6,254 health insurance premium each month.
  4. Their employees dress cool. What is it with Starbuck’s people? They’re like poets with great fashion sense. Edgar Allen Poe with an Espresso high. Dude, you can totally rock that blue streaked blonde hair with your lip ring. I feel dumb in my Banana Republic tank and khaki shorts. You’re so hip and cool!! Ya gotta drink for that?! Seriously, do ya?
  5. Starbucks has reward cards. Hey super awesome IRS peeps, you know I paid my taxes WAY early this year. But you held my refund for two months. And when I called to ask what the problem was, your response was “Huh.” Cool and stuff, but we kinda sorta needed that refund to pay for Little A’s tonsillectomy that insurance didn’t cover (please see #3 above). Oh, and when we FINALLY got the refund, we got a whole $2 extra! You held my refund for an extra two dollars? Way to be efficient. I bet if I asked you to make me a Venti Dirty Chai Tea Latte Extra Hot you’d say, “Huh.” I’m not bitter or anything though…
  6. Starbucks has a COOL website. Have you been to our government websites? Especially the IRS website. It’s like hunting for Waldo. Impossible to find what you’re looking for. You should have never let Mrs. Gardner’s Kindergarten class design your websites. That was sweet and all, but sometimes coloring a picture of cows is JUST  a better option. Ask Bob over at your government offices again. Maybe he knows of someone on Planet Zargon that does web design…
  7. Free music?! Yes please! Maybe if you included some free music downloads on our property tax statements or jury summons we might be more inclined to pay attention. No Justin Bieber…something cool. Like Vampire Weekend or Ellie Goulding.

I need a latte after writing this….Vote Coffee this year!

Coffee or bust~


P.S. I have no association with Starbucks, they didn’t pay me to write this or give me free stuff to do it either. I thought all this up in the shower this morning. These are my opinions, and the opinions of my Miniature Schnauzer, Lexi. Thanks for listening…over and out!


10 Things About Me You Probably Don’t Ever Want To Know…So Just Keep Reading

1) I live in North Texas. Born and raised here. And before you ask, no I do not ride a horse, listen to country music or own a pair of cowboy boots. I do drive a Pathfinder, love 80’s music and prefer Converse. Shocking isn’t it?!

2) I have an addiction problem that I probably need counseling for. If you know of any good therapist for Caramel Chai tea addictions please let me know. Teavana.com is not returning my calls…

3) My husband is older than I, yet I have more gray hair than him. Much more. It isn’t fair. That’s not how life is supposed to flow (rolling eyes). He is not the one paying for highlights and lowlights every 8 weeks to “hide” the tiny, scraggly invaders. I was carded for buying markers at Walmart recently though. You have to be 18. Thank you Walmart for making me feel better about my salon spending habits. I just turned 19 recently (in grasshopper years).

4) I am allergic to cats, penicillin and self-help books. Moving on….

5) I finished a year and half of junior college. Then I got married and had babies. I never went back to school to finish my degree and I’ve turned out just fine. I do not have an issue with speling or grammor. Thanks for asking though.

6) My 7 year old eats Tabasco on everything and I’m okay with that. I do not allow him to eat it on his cereal though…without asking first.

7) Writing is what keeps me sane. Or does staying sane allow me to write? Oh my gosh, I have NO idea how to answer this! My palms are starting to sweat…I need to think about this for a while. People don’t call me Sybil for nothin’….

8) Tea is a part of The Gift of Fate novel (see #2 above)

9) Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj & Howard are great friends of mine. Not really, but I’m sure if they ever met me there would be an instant connection. I heart you Big Bang Theory…and The Cheesecake Factory.

10) I love going on vacations, but I hate flying and driving for long periods makes me carsick. Walking would take too long and I don’t own a bike. I usually opt for the airplane and something in a small plastic bottle for $6 to put in my soda before takeoff. I prefer Universal Studios over Disney World and Muggles over the Volturi.

Toodles ~



You Are Who You Are…

You know the old saying…

“You are what you eat!”

Is it true then…

“You are what you write!”

I do believe “You are what you write!” because if you were not, wouldn’t that be plagiarism? Just thinking outside the box here…

Maybe I am a bit like what I eat as well. That would be sugary sweet…I have a constant need for chocolate truffles and sweetened Chai tea. I’ll take that.

Perhaps Abraham Lincoln said it best though…

Oh Abe, you’re one awesome guy!

You heard the man, stay true to who you are…just be great at it. Okay?

Happy Wednesday ~



The Desk Of An Author

An author can never have too many pencils with stellar erasers. I have a holder full of them. Paper…yep. Lots of it. Everywhere. On my desk, in my car, in the front pocket of my purse, in the drawer of my nightstand… I find myself writing notes, jotting down ideas, drawing images or even sketching a single word on the back of an old receipt…anything that stirs an idea, I write it down. A tiny idea can often grow into something more.

That’s how The Gift of Fate began. I had a title first…a story later. I still have the piece of paper I wrote the title down on. It’s on the back of an old grocery receipt. Perhaps I’ll frame it someday. It launched my career as a writer. I’m forever grateful to that $17.43 receipt. It’s a good thing I was out of milk and bread that day…oh, and Chai tea. (snicker)

The publisher receives my manuscript this Friday for formatting and first print-run. Nervous, but so excited. Cannot wait to share my grocery receipt story with you soon. 🙂

P.S. This is Lexi. My precious Miniature Schnauzer. She is always cuddled in a blanket that she shouldn’t be in (blankets + dog = doggy smelling blankets). She is my writing companion each and every day. Don’t you just love her motivation? She inspires me…that being lazy sometimes is okay. Even authors need to dream…not just on paper. 😉