Random Thoughts From An Avid Author

Guilty Pleasures of a Stay At Home Mom


First and foremost, if I don’t have anywhere important to go (i.e. business meeting for my awesome job, lunch with my husband, etc.) I LIVE in black yoga pants and my favorite Nike tennis shoes. No, I don’t have sparkles surrounding me when I wear my comfy ensemble, but my photo editing software thinks I do. Coolness…


Watching my youngest read along in his US History book with his online homeschool video. THIS is one of the many reasons why I love schooling my kids at home. He’s in the office with me to ask questions when needed, he can relax and be a kid (feet on the desk IS allowed in class as long as you are concentrating), there are no distractions…just focus. And if any of my children want to take their math test while lying on the floor, propped up with a pillow while drinking a juice box, I say “Go for it!” All I want for my children is to further their eduction while making learning fun. A little imagination and “feet propping” during school hours is acceptable in this household. Hey, it’s how I write!


I indulge, yes. I have a Chai Tea Latte EVERY afternoon made with vanilla soy milk, a heaping teaspoon of brown sugar, and two Black Chai teabags. It’s like a cup of heaven…I mean it, it is!


There are no words needed here. There simply isn’t any good enough…What an amazing show that I am totally hooked on! An episode of this goes along nice with my afternoon Chai. Oh Lady Mary, the drama, oh the drama!

Chocolate Chips

I have to admit, chocolate, especially chocolate chips, is my weakness! I buy bags of chocolate chips to snack on, not to bake with. I’m sure my family wishes differently, but I’m sorry, I need my secret chocolate stash. *Please do no look in the top drawer of my desk, husband or children who might be reading this.

What are your guilty pleasures? Not just as a writer, a mom, a dad…but as a person? I’d love to hear them!

Love and Chocolate Kisses ~



Why I Dislike Valentine’s Day…and Chalk

I don’t need Valentine’s Day to express to others that I appreciate them. I try to do it everyday. I prefer to celebrate Happy Heart’s Day the other 364 days a year.

I gave my husband my heart 15 years ago. He knows that I adore him, think he’s total h*o*t*n*e*s*s, love him more than life itself and appreciate the sacrifices he makes for our family every single day.

I’m pointing at each of you. For all of my sweet followers out there, you rock my world. Totally. It means the world to me that you enjoy my rambling. I love to ramble about stuff that means nothing. Like how I dodged a squirrel yesterday. When I looked in the rearview mirror, I swear he threw me the peace sign. Why do you think squirrels have the need to cross the road so often? What’s wrong with the OTHER side of the street?……..

This girl loves chocolate. Yes, this includes the sweet, delicious nougat Valentine candy in a box. Yet, I stand around with the other 364 days a year non-Valentine shoppers on February 15th when the heavenly 50% off signs are dually noted. I have no issues eating heart shaped candy in March.

I dislike candy hearts with their silly sayings.”Kiss Me” – Not with that nasty candy heart in your mouth! “Be Mine” – I already am, you dork.

If I wanted to eat chalk, I would grab a handful of Tums or a stick of chalk from my youngest son’s pail in the garage. I did ponder the thought though…do you think candy hearts cure heartburn?! Yeah, you’re thinkin’ about it now aren’t you?!

I will end with Happy Un-Valentine’s Day to all of you! Because I wish nothing but love, joy and happiness for you 365. Always.

Hugs ~



You Are Who You Are…

You know the old saying…

“You are what you eat!”

Is it true then…

“You are what you write!”

I do believe “You are what you write!” because if you were not, wouldn’t that be plagiarism? Just thinking outside the box here…

Maybe I am a bit like what I eat as well. That would be sugary sweet…I have a constant need for chocolate truffles and sweetened Chai tea. I’ll take that.

Perhaps Abraham Lincoln said it best though…

Oh Abe, you’re one awesome guy!

You heard the man, stay true to who you are…just be great at it. Okay?

Happy Wednesday ~



Shocked As The Reality Soaks In…


I’ve been waiting months to finally shout the words from my rooftop. Edits are complete. I have written, re-written and written again…and maybe written once more. The Gift of Fate will be sent to the publisher for formatting and shortly thereafter…printing by next week.

I have spent many long nights over the past few weeks perfecting every inch of the story leaving me tired with an aching back from sitting too long. A bag of half eaten chocolate truffles and a cold coffee mug stare back at me as I type this. Caffeine…it keeps an author going. 🙂

But here I stand, complete. Finally.

This morning at 7am I made one slight change in the story. A reference to the song Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. Why? You’ll find out soon enough when you turn to page 31. I flipped on Pandora after making my one final change. Two songs in to my streaming feed of “Adele”, Don’t Stop Believin’ began to play. No doubt, no lie.

I have never stopped believing and never will. Book 2 of the Fatum Saga swirls in my mind this afternoon. I have already started the story and know where it will end.

Until then, The Gift of Fate is finally coming to life. The story finally unfolds before me as I hold my manuscript with tears streaming down my face. I have worked so hard for this. My fate, my destiny is finally so very clear.

A huge thank you to so many people. Where do I begin? First and foremost, my husband. You helped me discover my story nearly 7 months ago. Thanks for understanding that an empty bed has given me the opportunity to write as you drift off to dream elsewhere. I sat awake at 1am so many nights putting my dreams on paper while you counted sheep. I love you.

My kids ~ When the office doors were closed you’d stand in front of the door, nose pressed up against the glass wondering when Mommy would finally put her pen down. Your patience and “learn to make your own snack ability” allowed me to finish something dedicated to you. You have all shown me what living a dream is like. You ARE my dreams come true.

My parents ~ Dad, I know you don’t get the ooey-gooey romance scenes but you encouraged me to move forward  anyway. You and mom have been so supportive as I’ve watched you cheering me on from the sidelines over the past year.

Athena ~ You know how amazing you are. I tell you all the time. Thanks for believing in me. We’ve been friends for 12 years now although I feel like I’ve known you for 33. My fate was to know you. XO

TG & RG ~ You brought me here by saying “YES!” two years ago. Your yes instilled courage in the heart of girl who didn’t think her writing and creativity was good enough. Opportunity brought me here. The opportunity you gave me.

To countless others (there are too many to mention!) ~ Thank you for weighing in on my writing, encouraging me, praying for me and simply believing in the words that I can easily spill across a page. This book is for you.

And finally, don’t forget who you are. Your fate is held within your hands. Choose how to  handle it, decide where it will take you..but know that home is truly where your heart resides.