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The Gift of Fate Novel Giveaway and Review!


Young adult fiction and fantasy that will take your breath away!

Seventeen year old Jillian Marie Mathers uncovers her true calling in life one cool autumn night. With the belief that she is veritably crazy, she soon discovers she holds a very special gift instead. The gift of fate. Ariel Housen opens the beautiful world of the Fatum to Jillian, and the darkness is finally lifted from around the crevices of her mind as she learns and copes with who she truly is from the inside out. Along the road of self discovery and absolute survival, she finds herself yearning for the love of a curious young man named Connell Davall. For Connell is undoubtedly the answer to her own life’s questions. Questions Jillian never knew existed until she looked into the deep blue eyes of her saving grace.

A twisted story that is beautifully woven with petals of romance and dangerous corners, The Gift of Fate is a page-turning love story and dark thriller that will leave you wanting more.

Yes, this book blows my mind….why? Because when I sit back and flip through the pages I smile at the AMAZING feeling of having written and published my very first novel earlier this year. It is the most amazing feeling in the world…seriously, amazing.

I am frantically in the midst of completing the second book in this awesome Fatum Saga entitled, The Power of Suggestion. In the meantime, I have decided to give away an autographed copy of The Gift of Fate along with a super cool bookmark as a celebration to what I hope becomes a long and awesome writing career. I live and breath writing, and feel honored to have the power to share the stories in my head with you.

Not to mention, the incredible review that was given to me by a wonderful book blogger in Canada earlier this week. gave The Gift of Fate 4 out of 5 stars which warms my heart! Take a look at her review here.

Here is a SNEAK PEEK at a portion of The Power of Suggestion. A much richer, darker and more intense realm of the Fatum Saga. I have truly enjoyed writing this second book, and uncovering the hidden depths of brand new characters and magical worlds, that will intertwine perfectly with The Gift of Fate. I hope you love it as much as I do!

The Power of Suggestion

“As I stood in awe, the sound of footsteps drew my eyes away from the backdrop and onto the face of an attractive young woman. Her hair was a gorgeous platinum blonde, perfect ringlets falling effortlessly around her face, her eyes a vivid emerald green. She was wearing a dark red strapless dress that swept the floor around her, flowing beautifully from the curvy frame that held it sweetly. She was stunning, completely ravishing as she nodded to Sierra and stood in front of me, our eyes locking instantly.

“You must be Alexandra. Pleasant to meet you finally, I’m Krista Rose.” She offered her hand to me, the sparkling diamond cuff accentuating her soft, pale skin.

“Nice to meet you, Krista,” I replied, wondering whether I should bow to her, my head spinning with a million thoughts all at once.

Her hand was warm, gentle. The same trickle of desire running down my spine that I had felt when my hand had slipped into the mysteriously handsome man’s only moments earlier. The feeling was indescribable; almost hypnotic like a strong drink that burned from the back of your throat all the way down to your toes. It felt amazing. I wanted more of it.

Withdrawing her hand from mine, she walked over to Sierra, pulling her into a hug, kissing both of her cheeks gently. “Wonderful to see you again. Safely. Come, the others are waiting anxiously for you both.”

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Have You Met Author A.E. Howard Yet?



A cursed traffic light. A rip in the fabric of the world. A possum sorcerer injured on a quest for revenge.

Kai and Ellie embark on a journey to return the sorcerer to his home. Entangled in events that could destroy the world, Kai must choose whether to accept the role he was born to play, but isn’t sure he wants.

Book Excerpt Worth Savoring!

They both deadpanned him for a second, then started laughing. “Come on, man, we’re just messing.”

“I’m Andrew,” continued the first one, who Kai thought might be slightly taller than the other one.

“And I’m Angelo. Our parents apparently had his name all picked out, nice, normal, Andrew. Then found out I’d hitched a ride on the same, you know, umbilical cord or whatever.”

“That’s stupid, Jello, all babies have their own umbilical cord, we just were born at the same time, well, me first.”

“Yeah, see, he has to even, like, lord that over me, he gets the normal name, I get nicknamed after weird brightly colored snacks, right, Drew?”

Kai couldn’t help but feel better at this routine between the brothers. “I’m Kai.”

“Kai short for…”

“Nothing, just Kai. It’s Welsh, like my dad.”

Jello put on a mock pout. “He has a normal name, you have a cool name, I’m stuck with stupid Jello.”

“Not yet you’re not!” Drew grabbed what appeared to be a cup of actual Jello from his pocket, peeled off the top and started chasing his brother around with it.

“Meet your roommates,” William sounded amused. “I’ll leave you three to, er, get acquainted.” He ducked out hastily as Drew tackled Jello and began to try to force feed him.

“Help! Help! Murder!” Jello twisted and writhed and wouldn’t hold still. Sebastian barked in a reproving tone and danced in place.

Finally Drew just gave up, and no Jello, person or snack, was actually harmed in the process. Panting and disheveled, the brothers noticed Kai still standing there.


MG/YA Fantasy


A.E. Howard

Once upon a time there was a little girl who read a book and thought, one day, I’ll find another world. Many years later, after a near death experience at a traffic light, she passed a possum dying on the side of the road. She stopped, and with its dying breaths, the possum imparted a tale so wondrously strange, she drove home realizing the new world she’d been searching for was right there all along. So she embarked on a quest of mythic proportions, traveled far and wide to the farthest corners of this world to uncover its secrets. Now she’s bringing the story to you.

Between chasing chickens off the porch and raising her son, A.E. Howard tells tales of the three Realms, and the boy who changed it all.

Rave Reviews To The Beginning of a Spectacular Series!

“Great adult reading in the tradition of Madeleine L’Engle and her A Wrinkle in Time series and Austin Family Chronicles.” -Elizabeth Munzert, blogger

“Evokes memories of epic adventure tales and magic realms we pretend not to imagine as adults… The story makes us think about the reality of the world in the way a good Sci-Fi book does while providing comic relief though a self important, naked Opossum.” -Kate Tagai, blogger

I myself cannot WAIT to read this book. What drew me in was the beautiful cover! I love the design, and yes…I am guilty of judging a book by its cover at times. The story itself sounds amazing and so very different from what’s popular in the mainstream era of all things books. I love that…something new and genuine.

Be sure to visit A.E. Howard’s website and social media outlets to connect with this amazing breakout author who I know is capable of BIG things.

P.S. You can also sign up for a chance to win a FREE autographed copy of “Flight of Blue” along with a button and bookmark! Totally awesome…go for it! Sign up here.





View her amazing book trailer here!

P.S. Don’t forget to visit “All’s Fair In Blogs And More” Book Fair! Meet new and aspiring authors in the young adult fiction realm, read portions of their books, sign up for numerous giveaways and fall in love with a story or two. I know you will!

Random Thoughts From An Avid Author

Who Doesn’t L.O.V.E. A Free Book?!

We all like…wait…love free books, don’t we? Especially in the middle of summer, when reading is on everyone’s radar. A great book is a must while lying on a beach, lounging by the pool, or simply curling up on the couch in the air conditioning and away from the 104 degree heat that lurks outside. Hey, remember, I live in Texas. It’s hotter than Hades here June-August.

Guess what? I released another book. My second book in four months. I’m shocked, blessed and somewhat bewildered at how the words just keep coming and the stories just keep developing.

I started a novella trilogy just a few short months ago. An idea that was found on an old flash drive. A story that was only half a chapter complete for years, but was finally finished a few short weeks ago.

Don’t know what a novella is? It’s longer than a short story, but shorter than a novel. It’s the perfect size book to finish in only a few sittings. Easy enough for you finish before your third margarita by the pool. Holla!

It is YA fiction. And yes, there is romance, heated passion and a love triangle…and angels and demons and the backdrop of a beautiful city. But overall, it’s a story about second chances and the gift of life.

This is book 1 of 3 in what I call, “The Unseen Wings Trilogy”.

I had an amazing editor in Quebec that helped me make it sparkle, and a company in London to help me convert my manuscript to a beautiful Amazon-ready eBook.

And now you can read it, share it and hopefully drool over it…for FREE today. Promise me something though, if you love it, will you tell somewhere where to find this crazy, funny and sometimes serious devoted author? And if you hate it, will you still love me anyway, because well…I adore having you around.

Grab it for FREE here!

If you feel like sharing this free deal on Twitter, please use the tweet below.

GUARDIAN by @valeriekingbook. Download it for free on @amazonbooks today! A tale of desire, deceit and a costly secret.

And if you’d like to blog post it, Facebook it or shout if from the rooftops, I’m cool with that too. I appreciate the support! I write for you…not just my sanity.

Hugs and Kisses~



Step Inside Your Dreams – Book Giveaway

On Leap Day of all days…my dreams turned into a blessed reality. Before I get to that, let me start at the beginning…

In January 1999, I married my best friend at the age of 20.

Eleven months later on New Year’s Eve 1999, we found out we were expecting.

At 21, I became a mother to two beautiful twin boys who were born much too early at 30 weeks.

Our third and final son. Born happy and healthy in March of 2004.

Life has shared its ups and downs with me. There were days that I would shout for joy and others that would leave me shattered and alone.

Yet each day was a piece of the puzzle called “My Life”. The good and the bad decisions I’ve made along the way have shaped me into the woman I am today. And even in the torrential downpours, I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything.

Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved writing. My mother has saved numerous short stories that I composed as early as first grade.

When marriage and motherhood walked graciously into my life, I pushed writing aside for a while. My focus was my family…but the dream of publishing a book never faded from my mind. Ever.

Several years ago I was given an amazing opportunity by two women who not only believed in my work as a social media guru, but as a woman who was chasing her dreams. Rebecca Griffin and Teresa Garland who are the co-founders of IntelliGender. I couldn’t ask for better bosses…or friends. These two women inspired me that my dreams were never unreachable. From the very beginning of my writing career, they were always cheering me on.

I work from home and interact with nearly 11,000 moms on Facebook, hundreds of women on our blog, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. All while juggling being a wife, a homeschooling mom to my three boys and a budding author.

On February 29th, 2012 I published my very first young adult fiction novel, The Gift of Fate, book #1 in The Fatum Saga. An amazing dream that I thought would never be reachable, but despite the craziness of life, I brought my DREAM to life. Read a free, short portion of the book here.

What are your hopes, dreams and aspirations? Have you always wanted to be a musician, an author, an artist, to own your own business, to travel to Europe, own a home, purchase a brand new car? When a dream enters your heart, your mind…your soul. Allow yourself to follow it.

Life happens. Timing is not always perfect. Resources are not always available. But nothing is ever impossible. You simply have to believe in yourself…and be willing to step inside your dreams.

The Gift of Fate Giveaway

Enter to win a free, signed copy of The Gift of Fate

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All Kidding Aside…Maybe

I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason. There are many instances in my life that I have taken a step back and looked at the life that circles around me. When I fit the pieces together, I see purpose…each and every time. The situations and mirrors that I walk through always bring me to a place that is more amazing than the last. I LOVE what I do and I feel richly blessed to write. Just needed to get that out there.

On another note, I have been given the opportunity to review two amazing books by two incredible authors who I have recently “met” (thank you Twitter and WordPress)! I feel honored that these two women value my opinion enough to allow me to share their works with all of you. I have started both books, nearly finished with one, and I am awe-struck at how amazing their writing style is…in two very different dimensions. Both refreshing and totally different which is honestly, a breath of fresh air to the YA fiction world. Watch for two separate reviews very soon!

My book? I’m sitting on pins and needles….no literally, I need a new office chair…desperately.

The Gift of Fate releases in a few short weeks. Of course, it can’t get here fast enough! Rest assured, the 2nd book in the Fatum Saga, The Power of Suggestion, is moving forward at lightening speed (thanks to loads of caffeine and little sleep…oh, and Pandora.)

Since music is a big part of helping me write, someone asked me recently to compare a song to The Gift of Fate. How would I describe it?

Paramore – All I Wanted

When I sell my movie rights, this song must be included somewhere in the movie. I’m getting ahead of myself….all kidding aside. Maybe. 🙂

Just you wait! Are you ready? 😉