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Side Effects of Social Media

Our society lives and breaths it.

Facebook has over 250 million users.

Twitter has over 175 million.

WordPress has over 71.8 million.

I do social media/marketing for a living. I relish the outlets and love the creativity of sharing life with others. Yet, today I took a step back and glanced at the entire picture of social media.

Why do we crave it so much? I will admit…there are times that I place myself within the depths of status updates, tweets, pinning and posts, as reality around me slips easily through my hands. Human contact is so different as a whole nowadays. Contact with others is easily maintained through the screen of an iPhone or the computer that sits upon your desk.

When was the last time you sent a paper card and not an e-card? How about a hand-written letter? It’s been a while since I walked the halls of a highschool, but do kids pass notes anymore? Who remembers the cool, crazy origami-like folding we used to do for the notes we wrote a friend? Perhaps most of these note connections are now being found within a text message instead.

I have willed myself not to dive into the world of status updates as often. It is important to stay connected to one another. Let’s not forget to hug and kiss a friend in real life…not just in XOXO’s in an email.

We cannot shelter ourselves from the world. We must change along it. But, let’s keep some of the traditions alive. Write a letter to a friend tomorrow. I double, dog dare ya. 🙂


Random Thoughts From An Avid Author

You Want Me To Do What?!

So you have one of these…

Now what?!

You have to do this…

To see this…

Or else you’ll feel like this…

When you put your heart and soul into creating a book, you have to be willing to go the distance to shout to the world, “Hey, over here!” Whether you are self-published or with a publisher, marketing your work is of dire importance.

It is absolutely amazing the number of authors that I have run across over the past year who spend time and money to publish their dream. Once they reach the top of that plateau, they place it on Amazon…and wait. There is no waiting in the world of writing. You cannot wait for your book to magically sell. If I had a wand to make it do so, you know I’d let you borrow it! Just sayin’…

4 Basic Points For All Authors Wherever You Are Currently Standing:

  1. Share – Be willing to part with your book for free (gasp!) yes, free to book bloggers, friends and anyone who is willing to read your work, write a review, or simply offer kind advice. Always.
  2. Stay Active – Don’t stand like the nervous 13-year old in the corner of the gym during your first school dance. You know what I’m talking about! Don’t be nervous or scared about what others will think or do think about your work. You wrote it, you believe in it…run with it baby!
  3. Support – Ask for it, give it to others. We all write because we feel led to do it. Don’t hog all the positive energy here…give it to a fellow author who desperately needs a review, asks you for one flat out or simply needs an ear for advice. We are all in the same boat…let’s share the paddle, okay?
  4. Social Media – Most of it’s free, some of it’s time consuming. But you know what? It’ll get you somewhere. I promise. Make time, don’t procrastinate. Let others know you exist. Social media is the way to do it!

Share your thoughts! I’d love to hear your feedback on the importance of marketing your work. What worked for you and what didn’t?