Turks and Caicos: Part 1

I’ve always pondered this question:

Is there really such a thing as heaven on earth?

To put it bluntly, YES.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

The first question asked when I told someone we were vacationing in Turks & Caicos this year was, “I’m sorry, WHERE?”


My husband and I first heard about this place years ago. Originally when we started looking into it, the $$ dollar signs $$ were way too shocking for us, so we pushed it aside, and vowed to visit at least once after one of us was willing to sell a kidney to do so. 🙂

Kidding. We didn’t sell a kidney. Wouldn’t…I don’t think. But then again, this place is damn amazing…..

We saved up. Looked for airfare deals, planned…planned some more, and finally made it happen.

1) Don’t stay at a resort unless you want to eat rice for a year to pay for it. Book a private villa. We did. Four bedrooms, two baths, a private pool, four minute walk to the beach, and the ability to cook some of your meals at home. A fraction of the cost. Quieter. All around, don’t do it any other way. Mean it.

2) Book your airfare in advance. Don’t fly direct. Look for airfare deals on Tuesday mornings. We were able to fly First Class, all 5 of us, for a VERY reasonable price on US Airways. How? Loads of patience and early planning.

3) Stay near Leeward Beach. The island is small, so renting a car is a must to explore. We opted to stay farther away from the resorts. It’s quieter, and our beach is deserted this time of year. Amazing.

My kids haven’t fought once since arriving. Not that they fight all that much at home, but they are best friends here. It’s astounding when you walk away from life, the stress of it, all of it…how the ability of just being alive settles in. The appreciation of just breathing becomes your focus, and the beauty of nature encircles you. It’s astounding, quite honestly.


Upon our decent into Turks and Caicos, the entire plane grew silent. Cell phones were raised to the windows as everyone snapped photos of a place you, up until that moment, only imagined existed within the pages of a picture book.

The water is crystal clear. Whether you are snorkeling 10 feet above a coral reef, or over 100 feet, you can see the bottom. Just like a swimming pool, except with hundreds of neon colored fish, powered sugar sand rifts on the ocean floor, and conch shells the length of your forearm. Everywhere.

The locals here are so accommodating and friendly. Someone told me the heart attack rate here is almost non-existent. I’m not surprised. It is the most calming, methodical existence any human being could ever uncover here.

What I’ve learned in the past 48 hours since arriving is how much stress we put on ourselves to simply survive. I, for one, am a terrible stress hoarder. We shouldn’t have to visit a place like this to savor life. We should be able to do it wherever we call home, but it’s hard, right? I get it. I hope to walk away, that all of my family walks away, with the value of just BEING. At home, routine is what fuels us, not the quiet means of just being alive. I see it so clearly here.

Sunsets are postcard like.


Last night, my middle child and my youngest laid out under the stars for hours. Without city lights, the constellations are so bright here. My middle child loves the stars, and has ever since he was very young. He taught the rest of us last night where certain constellations were, what they were called, how long astronomers had known of their existence, etc. We saw shooting stars, many of them, and it was invaluable to me to watch my kids stare in wonder at the beauty of the sky that lie above us.

Are we ever coming home? Questionable at the moment. 🙂 When you capture photos like this, it’s very hard to ever fathom stepping back on a plane to return to the life we walked away from.



Random Thoughts From An Avid Author

LAS VEGAS – The Hangover Movie…Live


Las Vegas…A yearly tradition for hubby and I since 2008. Rockstars…we don’t feel like them when we’re here. Well, sorta…

Last Thursday, we make it to the airport, People magazine in hand and hardcore Diet Cokes in the other ready to leave Dallas along with a full flight of other partygoers ranging from Red Hat ladies, Woo-Girls (don’t know what these are? girls who say ‘Wooohooo’ after every sentence, a man in a chef uniform and an entire bachelor party of dudes with mountain man beards and Duck Dynasty shirts.

Row 23…dang you American Airlines…I hate your seating policy. I booked this flight two months ago and row 23 in the back was all that was left. Yeah, I bet.

Two guys that looked like Zach from “Saved By the Bell” sit down behind us with a young woman dressed in a short black miniskirt made from enough material to knit half a washcloth…

The two dudes TALK THE ENTIRE 2 HR. & 50 MIN. FLIGHT. Dudes don’t talk this much. Seriously…They didn’t even stop to chew the obnoxiously loud bag of Doritos they brought on the plane. Here’s what I learned about the 2 dudes and the chick wearing a wash cloth. (Yes, I took notes. I’m an author, remember!?)

1) Both said dudes go to West Point Military Academy. Thank you for your services, but have your officers ever taught you that sometimes words are worth swallowing instead of pouring out of your mouth? Just wondering. But again, thank you for your services. I mean that.

2) One guy’s name was Robert Frost. No lie. So a 45 minute conversation follows about how he meets women in bars and tells them his name to find out their education level. If they don’t know who Robert Frost is, he moves on to the next lady. Seriously. The chick in the washcloth mini skirt asked him to recite a Robert Frost poem. Um, he said he couldn’t think of one. WHAT???

3) The chick in the washcloth mini skirt likes using “Spotify” on her phone. Everyone learned about her songs of choice for the next half an hour after she downed a Jack & Coke. Apparently she finds Barry Manilow funny. And Justin Timberlake is hotter than Adam Levine…She also enjoys doing the Chicken Dance at weddings…

Once we finally darted off the plane to avoid the Chatty Kathie’s for any longer, the airport was practically empty. 7:30 on a Thursday night…nobody here. We spent the better half of that evening playing slots because I “Rock the Slots” here in Vegas. I’ve won over $1,000 in slots over the course of the last 4 days. No lie. I’m going to add this tidbit to my resume…

Friday morning…raining. I could hear the Las Vegas resident voices rising above the raindrops that morning, “What is this wet stuff falling from the sky?!” It never rains here. At least, not when hubby and I are here!

So we take a cab to the strip. I refuse to walk in the rain or buy the $22 umbrella from the Dollar Store in the lobby. The cab driver…AWESOME. He tells stories about being a cab driver here for the last 25 years. The best one goes as follows,

“So I have to tell you folks about this guy I picked up this morning at 4:30am outside of Caesar’s Palace.”

We nod. “Go for it, man!” He laughs like Willy Wonka…does Willy Wonka laugh? Anyhow…

“So this dude stumbles out of the casino and I’m next in line for pick up. He opens the car door and says, “Man, can you take me to Caesar’s Palace? I can’t find my way home from this f*&^%&g place.”

I’m like, “Wait, he wanted you to drive him to the same casino he stumbled out of?” He laughs and slaps the dashboard.

“YES! The same d*&n hotel he was at! So I thought, man, it’s been two hours since I’ve given a ride so I’ll take him for a spin. He gets in the car, thanking me over and over. I proceed to drive around Caesar’s Palace twice, pull up to the same door he stumbled out of. Here you are man! He’s like, “Oh, thanks man. I thought I’d never get back here. How much?”

He turns around and looks at my husband and I. “I just told the guy, $10 bucks. The drunk dude gave me $15 and said to keep the change. Then I watched him walk back into the same door he stumbled out of 10 minutes earlier.”

HILARIOUS! That’s a ‘Hangover’ movie right there, folks. Am I right?!

Oh! The Mirage hotel now offers $99 IV infusions in the lobby after a hardcore night of drinking. Have we seriously stooped to this level? Oh heavens, apparently I’m old.

The rest of this weekend has been fab. I’ve eaten way too much, and won on too many slot machines. Today is our last full day and we head home tomorrow. I do miss my kids, and I miss my bed. But I always hate when vacation comes to a close.

I’m sure I’ll have more stories to tell after today, and after tomorrow’s flight home. Vegas…the city that tells a different story on every corner. Literally. 🙂

TTFN from Vegas!


Random Thoughts From An Avid Author

A Thirteen Year Long Love Letter


Alexander & Austen,

This is probably one of the hardest blog posts I’ve ever had to write as your Mom. Not because it makes me sad, but it does make me sorrowful. Yes, sad and sorrowful mean two different things in my mind.

Sad means emotionally broken or beaten…like when you have your heart broken for the very first time, or when you don’t make the swim team, but your best friend does.

Sorrowful means ill tempered feelings or unease within your spirit. That’s me. On the eve of your 13th birthday.

13 short years ago your dad and I welcomed the two of you into this world 10 weeks too early. Alex came first, his tiny 3lb. 7oz. frame absolutely perfect as he took his first breath at 10:49am. Austen, you followed ten minutes later, feet first, weighing in at a whopping 3lb. 9oz., but the most frail out of the two of you.

Mom was exhausted after you arrived. I had been in the hospital for an entire week with preterm labor before you came. But despite the doctor’s ill wishes, you chose to make your debut even when we weren’t ready for to.

The first few hours of your life, Austen, were critical. Although I had fallen asleep a half hour after your birth because my body wouldn’t let me stay awake any longer, your Dad and Nena and Pop waited at the NICU nursery window for hours waiting for an update about you. Things were kind of bleak there for a while, to be honest. Later in the day, they transported you to a bigger hospital with a bigger NICU unit. You needed to be somewhere you could be watched over a little closer. That meant leaving your big brother Alex behind. We didn’t like that at all.

A week later, Dad and I had Alex moved to be with you. We thought it was pretty important to have you both together. For heaven’s sake, you had spent six months together in my womb! We knew you shouldn’t be apart if you didn’t have to be.

Alex, you were a champ from the very beginning. You were breathing on your own from the start, unlike your little brother. When you were about 6 weeks old, you developed an intestinal disease called NEC. It happens to preemies, especially little boys. You were gravely ill. Dad and I were told you had a very small chance of survival. Instead of panicking though, we prayed. God had brought you this far, we knew He wouldn’t let you slip away. Not now. After a long battle, you won, not to our surprise of course. Although Austen came home about twenty days before you did, you won the hearts of the NICU staff with your fighting spirit. That same spirit is alive and well in you today.


Fast forward…your little brother Adison fell into our arms almost four years after your birth. I had two toddlers and a newborn. At times, I wondered what I was thinking. But then I realized it wasn’t my doing, it was His doing. God gave Dad and I the three of you. We simply couldn’t ask for more. Ever.

King Family

I have watched your heart break when your very best friend passed away in 2010 from Leukemia. But I still see his presence in pieces of you. The three of you were only 15 days apart in age. It was destiny to know one another, love one another, and share your early childhood with one another. Although he isn’t here to celebrate the teenage milestone with the two of you, I know he’s here in spirit. Andrew was the triplet you never had…blood brothers for life.

Andrew's 7th birthday 002

I have watched you walk out of public school and into the realms of homeschool. What a difference this had made in your lives. In my life. Not just academically, but having you home everyday is pretty cool, ya know. I know I may get on your nerves sometimes when I have to make you refocus on the subject at hand, and sometimes yes, you get on my nerves too when I have to make you refocus. But that’s what kids and parents do, right? But I can honestly say I don’t want you to go back to public school, because I’d miss you. A lot. When people ask me, “Don’t you miss having time to yourself?” I have always smiled and said, “Never.” And I never will.


Now here we are. Today. I remember the way I felt. My labor had started right about now. Back labor. It hurts. More than I could ever tell you. But the result left your Dad and I in awe. Scared yes, but in awe.

You still give us both that feeling today. In awe. Of who you were, who you are, and what you’ll eventually become. That’s pretty special. And it moves mountains in my heart and in my mind to know that you’re mine. For a lifetime and then some.

I feel pretty honored to be a mom. Your mom. Don’t you ever forget it.

Happy Birthday, Alex and Austen! You have made me so proud, and you continue to do so.

Love you more than Soy Chai Tea Lattes, books, Pandora, Evanescence, Converse, H & M…and more. To put it bluntly, I love you to the moon and back a million and one times over. That’s a lot. And I mean it.



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Rincon, Roosters, Ziplining and Fire Ants

This post…a mix of serious with a sense of humor. If you know us, then there is no reason to explain the humorous side of our family vacations. There are ALWAYS stories to tell when it comes to the King family. Never fails. So, here it goes…

WOW. There are no other words to describe this week’s vacation in Puerto Rico. My family and I have fallen deeply in love with this place. I mean, ridiculously in love with the majestic world of this unbelievable place. If we didn’t have family back home or dear friends, then there’s a good chance we’d choose not to return to Texas. Totally serious…stop laughing; I hear your snickering! 😉

Hubby and I have talked about buying some rental property in the vacinity to Rincon. YES, that’s how much we enjoy this place.

I have been fortunate enough to take some pretty amazing vacations in my life, and I love city life, beach life and everything in between. But this…oh my stars…it just doesn’t compare.

This week has been an eye opener for me. As a deep thinker (hello, author here!! we think deep…all the time), my eyes have been opened to one thing…


That’s the best word to describe Rincon and the surrounding area. We’ve learned so much about the culture here. Here are a few facts about Puerto Rico.

– The average yearly income here is $15,000

– 45% of the population live below poverty level

– More than half the population is on some type of government funding (food stamps)

– Houses range from nice mansions to very small stucco houses with only a few rooms

But there is one lesson I have learned, and vow to bring home with me. These people are some of the most humble human beings you’ll ever meet. They are grateful for life, for family, and the beauty of just living. Materialism is almost non-existent here. Seeing an iPhone in ANYONE’S hands who isn’t a tourist isn’t seen much at all.

The locals will smile at you, wave hello, welcome you graciously into their world expecting nothing in return. These people don’t stand with their hands open like so many Americans do. Selfishness…isn’t here. Period. Instead, the locals offer what little they have.

This has been a wonderful lesson for our three boys. They are great, great kids who have learned the value of a dollar, but they see how different life is here. There are no media rooms with projectors, Xbox 360’s, etc. Kids PLAY with balls outside, the neighbor kids…there is no sitting in front of a TV. With the beauty here, there is no need. NO NEED.

On to our wonderous (and remotely humorous) adventure this week!

Snorkeling here is amaze-balls. The water is warm, clear, and the fish look like something out of Finding Nemo. We went to a coral reef marine preserve yesterday here in Rincon. Little Adison is deathly afraid of sea urchins. So much so, he tries to walk around them with swim shoes on. Thanks to his big brothers, who told them they were poisonous and could kill you in one poke, he’s afraid they are going to reach out and grab him. Sibling love right there, folks…

Austen jammed his left knee into a piece of coral and is now sporting a gouged out gross battle wound. We have him bandaged like a war hero. Good times…

Wild dogs running down the street, in front of the car, is prominent everywhere. Nina and Brownie live next to us apparently. It’s fun hearing their master yell, “Nina, venir aqui!” <—Nina come here! at 5:30am every morning. Nina, please go to your master before we wring your neck. Just kidding, Nina. Sorta…

Roosters…*&$% roosters. I’m convinced the people here are deaf to crowing. I hate crowing. I’m coming back vegan after this trip. I offically hate chickens. Sorry KFC…

Lucky 13 Resteraunt…best tacos on the island! Cool, tattoed guy(from head to toe) from the east coast who moved here to start his own resteraunt. He’s traveled the globe as a chef and ended up in Rincon. Unbelievable food. We plan on going back one more time before we leave. Delish…

Ziplining today! One of the best experiences of my life! Batey Ziplining Tours in Puerto Rico…Do it! This is an offical advertising post for them. Nicest, coolest people ever. Worth the money, and the time. We took a 4 1/2 tour today. Don’t regret a single piece of it.

1) I am TOTALLY afraid of heights. Driving to said Batey Ziplining left me wanting to pee my pants and puke at the same time. People here drive like bats out of he-double hockey sticks on two lane mountain roads with no guard rails. My knuckles were white by the time we hit the turnoff for Batey.

Once we turned off, the ONE LANE road instructed us to honk the entire way to avoid having a front in collision with someone coming down the hill. Superb.This one lane road was very treacherous. We had to stop at one point for a peacock to cross the road in front of us. I saw him laughing at our frightened stupidity. I bet he’s friends with the rooster next door to our condo…

2) My first experience with ziplining was getting stung by a band of vicious fire ants before I even had my dadgum helmet on. The peacock and the rooster put them there on purpose, I just know it. Turds…

3) We had 2 other groups with us: Two ladies named Gigi and Tricia. They were from Oklahoma City, nice couple, total cutups who taught me how to make my own organic detergent on our walk up a hill to the first zip line. Vegetarians who thought I was interesting. We’re best friends now…

The second group…well, we have officially named the dad “Mr. Parole” and his two kids. He was from New Hampshire. Um, as we walked across a suspension bridge (where I about puked for a second time) he friended Darren. Darren attracts some “interesting” friends sometimes. The conversation went something like this…

Darren: “Where you from?”

Mr. Parole: “New Hampshire. Love it here. This is about the only place I vacation.”

Darren: “Why’s that?”

Mr. Parole: “My parole officer won’t let me go any farther than Puerto Rico, so I just bring my kids here. Their mother is a piece of work. I’m divorced. Got a girlfriend. You know, it’s all good here.”


Mr. Parole: “Yeah man, drugs…they’ll mess your sh*t up.”

Oh, well this will be a fun 4 hours! I asked Darren later if he asked him to be Facebook friends…

What an experience. Best DAY Ever.

Tomorrow…the beach. Only three days left. Makes me sad. Maybe I’ll bring the rooster home with me.

Hugs from Puerto Rico ~


Random Thoughts From An Avid Author

Where Heaven Meets Earth…On Family Vacation

Vacation. We’re here. I’m beyond tired, sunburned already, and emotionally exhausted with the simplicity of things. When I say “emotionally exhausted with the simplicity of things”, I mean that in GREAT way.

Those that know me understand my life. BUSY. A dedicated homeschooling mom who works from home as a Social Media Director, who is passionately seeking a full time writing career. <—–This does not include the other tasks such as grocery shopping, washing countless pairs of Hanes whitey tighties each week for my three boys, and cooking meals that could feed a small army because my boys are GROWING boys who don’t understand the concept of what a “serving size” portion is.

It has been ages since I’ve just sat on the couch doing…well, NOTHING. I see a dirty cup across the room now with a 1/4 cup of milk still in it from 14 hours ago, but I just roll my eyes at it. I’m not going to pick up my lazy rear up off this couch with a view of our quaint backyard complete with swaying palm trees, a rooster crowing in the background (we’ll talk more about roosters later), and the smell of earth in the air. Bliss.

We arrived this past Saturday after a two hour plane ride to Miami, followed by another two hour plane ride to San Juan, followed by a three hour drive that should have taken an hour and a half, to the Western part of Puerto Rico. Don’t get me wrong, the drive in was beautiful for about an hour, and then it got re-donkulous. Every 1/2 a mile there was a stoplight. Let me also add that although the speedlimit on the main roads are 60, nobody, NO-FREAKIN-BODY drives more than 45. My husband was passing people like we were running from the cops after stealing a litter of puppies.

My better half said, “What the heck are these people doing?! Why are they driving so slow?” I shrugged my shoulders and replied, “Hey, if I lived on this island, I’d take my time too. This is not Dallas sweetie. Slow your roll.” We didn’t slow our roll…we passed everyone driving their 1985 Corolla’s and 1971 Lincoln Towncars. Nobody drives a vehicle here made from 1995 or above. I feel like I’m living in the 80’s…And apparently everyone adores Michael Jackson here. That’s ALL that’s on the radio. If I hear “Beat It” one more time, I’m going to moonwalk over the next person I see…

We arrived to our condo, walked in and toured and three story home for the week. My youngest pinched his nose and said, “Mommy it smells like poo in here!”

I sniffed and agreed. Come to find out, someone had tracked poop, not dog poop, CHICKEN poop into the house. Thankfully, we found Clorox wipes and paper towels. For the next half hour, we all cleaned up chicken poop puddles on our floor. Good times…

5:40am Sunday morning…The light, oh my stars, THE LIGHT! At 5:40 in the morning the sun is blazing like it’s 2 in the afternoon, and the town roosters were crowing. I got up at 7am. By then, the sun was screaming at me, so I trudged downstairs and fixed a Chai Tea. I walked up to our 3rd story patio. Totally rocks, thank you for asking…Here’s what I saw.

A chicken coop behind us with a horse tied to a tree. Next door, a tin roofed house with two dogs ON the roof sleeping in the sun. The yard below them was a collection of porcelain toilets and beach chairs that hens were roosting on. On the horizon, the most amazing view of the white sandy beach, and PERFECT clear blue waves.

Next was the trip to the grocery store. Grocery stores don’t open here until 11am each day. At 10:30am, locals line up to do their shopping. It’s like standing in line for a ride at Disneyland.

Upon completing our grocery shopping, we stopped off at Little Caesar’s next door for pizza. $5 hot and ready’s, right? WRONG! Try $26 for two hot and ready’s. We bought them, and savored every freakin’ morsel! I licked the box…just kidding. Maybe.

Off to the beach for the very first time. 50 steps EXACTLY from our doorstep. Unbelievable  The beach was empty for the majority of the day. We did meet a sweet young couple from Detroit who left the snow last week for some sun and surf here. We ended up having some kind of really GOOD drink they made us with orange juice and some kind of local melon flavored liquor while we watched the unbelievable sunset. I have NEVER seen anything like it. The beauty…I could write a whole book about the sunset alone. Especially because it set behind an island 11 miles away that is said to be inhabited by 3 foot tall apes. <—Seriously. There’s also buried treasure from local pirates still buried there. I may try to swim it tomorrow. I’m looking for a great adventure like “The Goonies”.

Rincon, Puerto Rico is an amazing town. Everyone here is very friendly and accommodating. We went to the town square to their local farmer’s market and picked up fresh fruit and veggies from local farmers. Cheap and AMAZING flavor. Lady finger bananas…good gravy I think I’ve had 13 of these since yesterday morning! Don’t judge.

To complete our day yesterday, we got in our private jacuzzi on the 3rd floor during an afternoon rainstorm, having memorable conversations as a family. These are the things I’ll never forget. The pieces of our vacation that I will forever treasure.

A family conversation during a rainstorm in 104 degree jacuzzi in paradise. PRICELESS.

Paradise calls ~


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When Mama Goes Missing, And Why Pocket Watches Are Cool


Recently, I have had way too many posts about being absent from my blog. Dude…here’s another one! That’s me in the picture above…kidding, but I wish I owned a pocket watch. I think they should bring pocket watches back. For heaven’s sake, they’ve brought back the styles of the 70’s! I think I’ll pass on the acid washed jeans with white hearts that I saw hanging on the clothing rack at Target today. Seriously…has the fashion industry run out of ideas so we’re just resorting to “recycling” styles from the past? I wonder if they’ll bring back powdered wigs…


I did buy this t-shirt at Target yesterday. EPIC. It is one of my favorite movies EVER. I may be old school, but so are they. Point made.


Life has swallowed me. Not in a bad way, but time is not usually a friend of mine theses days. It seems just like yesterday that I was decorating the Christmas tree. Now I’m marking my calendar to remember to “spring forward” for daylight savings time this weekend. Boo! I hate messing with the clock. It’s pointless. That’s my opinion. I also think grilled salmon tastes like boiled newspaper…

I have been incredibly busy finishing up the final touches of my latest manuscript. There are so many hoops to jump through, people to please, red pens to use, to ever bring a novel to fruition.

I’m still working on trying to catch the eye of a literary agent. I need it. Want it. See it. Taste it.

Recently I had a dream that my goal to see my book sitting on the shelf of my local book store came true. Mind you, Sheldon Cooper and Mary Tyler Moore were cashiers at the book store. I wish…

I have a deadline to meet. A deadline that could potentially alter my current lifestyle. I LOVE my life. I feel blessed to do what I do, know who I know, and interact with who I interact with. Talking with an author friend of mine recently, there are some deep, reflecting occurances that have been handed to both of us. When your current situation leads you to questioning whether or not you are doing what you feel like you’ve been called to do, it is more than reassuring when instances arise prompting you forth. In comparison, we are both right where we belong. This may seem like a jumbled bit of nonsense to all of you, but it was an eye opener for me.

I am right where I belong.


The blessed countdown has begun! In less than two months our family will be taking a much needed vacation

Homeschooling perk #822 – We vacation when the rest of mankind doesn’t. LOVE.

Nine days of uninterrupted bliss. Me. My husband. My three boys. At an undisclosed location somewhere spectacular. A place that drives me to close my eyes, imagine myself there, pen in hand as I write while spending a memorable time with those that I love more than life itself. Our destination won’t remain a secret forever. I will share with the world where we are headed once we get there. I. CAN’T. WAIT.


P.S. I just finished watching season 3 of Downton Abbey. This has been my guilty pleasure for the last several months. I got on the Downton train, waaayyy later then the rest of the public. But, I am so glad I climbed on!

I won’t spoil it for my fellow friends who have yet to finish this amazing series, but…

SERIOUSLY? I mean, really? Why in the world would they end it the way they did? I was honestly mad for the rest of the afternoon after finishing the finale. Good gravy Masterpiece Theatre, I am appalled! That is all.

Crazy For Downton & Pocket Watches ~


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‘Twas The Night Before New York

photo (1)

‘Twas the night before New York and all through our home, all the kids and adults were excited and ready to go!

We packed all our bags and got all the kids on a plane, flying three hours with no whining or a single complaint.

Once we arrived we pulled our bags to a big black van, it looked like it transported an entire mafia clan.

With our eyes filled with wonder we watched the New York skyline grow, as we muddled through traffic that was terribly slow.

As we arrived we were told, “You were arriving today? I thought your arrival date was still another week away?”

Uh no, dear sweet apartment owner our clan of seven is here, you better clean this darn place or me you shall fear!

So we left our bags behind as the maid went to work, cleaning up the mess of the previous family that must have been raising a clan of spoiled rotten twerps.

We went and ate at a hole in the wall eatery filled with angry New Yorkers, that spat profanities because the clerk didn’t want to be paid with a bag full of quarters.

As I covered my youngest one’s ears from the s-nannigans and f-bombs that spewed like a cork, I thought to myself, “Yep, this is New York!”

Then the real fun began when the mice joined our family, running wild through our apartment for the mounds of candy…that had been left behind by the previous twerps, that I wish I could give a talking to about respect and that cleaning up after yourself really does work!

Eleven mice have been hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that the so-called maid soon would be there. (She hasn’t been…moving on…)

We’ve also experienced a broken TV, a DVD player that doesn’t work either, and a hairdryer that caught fire, yes the trip has been fun, but the apartment is like a plot from a bad movie starring McGyver.

The best parts of the trip have been the visit to Macy’s to see Santa, the carriage ride through Central Park, coffee in Times Square…it has been totally amazing to spend the holidays here!

So off I must go, there are more things to do, the electric mouse trap just went off again…I can smell him cooking in the other room… <—- Totally serious, it just happened!!!

Good night from NYC ~

VSK (the epic mouse catcher)